Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s Pro-War, Anti-Civil Liberties Front-Runner

John Glaser, April 29, 2014


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s admired front-runner for the 2016 presidential elections, made headlines last week when she spoke out against NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. At an event at the University of Connecticut she hit him with the boilerplate accusations of anti-Americanism, questioning his motives for civil liberties and transparency by citing his flight to human rights offenders like China and Russia, and finally accusing him of aiding the terrorists.

Some saw it as a strange tact for Clinton, who will be trying to lock up left-of-center voters for her latent presidential campaign. The tide would seem to be against her, given the fact that every branch of government has acknowledged the NSA’s overreach and the need for reform, the poll numbers in favor of NSA reform are very high, and Snowden and the journalists he leaked to keep getting awards and high honors all around the world.

But she seemed unashamed in her condemnation of the whistleblower and in her bold defense of the Orwellian national security state. To be frank, Hillary Clinton has always been unashamed of her extremely hawkish and right-wing positions on national security and foreign policy issues.

Writing at Reason magazine, Steve Chapman explains how Clinton “is a long-standing and unblushing advocate of frequent military intervention abroad.” She voted for the war crime of invading Iraq, urged an even bigger surge in Afghanistan as secretary of state, and was the leading advocate within the Obama administration for strong military action in both Libya and Syria, Chapman reminds us.

She is even on the hawkish end of the spectrum on Iran: “Going back to 2007, she has stressed the option of launching airstrikes to keep Tehran from getting the bomb.”

The Democratic Party, which nominated Obama because he represented a more prudent approach to foreign policy, apparently is happy to do a 180 with Clinton. She may relish the chance to distinguish herself from her former boss, reports The New York Times, by “presenting herself in her book and in any possible campaign as the toughest voice in the room during the great debates over war and peace.” Not the wisest; the toughest.

Proving one’s toughness by endorsing war is a habit of American politicians, particularly Democrats wary of being portrayed, as Obama has, as naive and vacillating. This option may be even more tempting for someone who aspires to overcome any suspicion that female politicians are weak.

Is this seriously the Democratic Party’s best choice for president in 2016? At least Obama maintained the pretense of an antiwar, pro-transparency candidate. How embarrassing the next election will be for the left!

37 Responses to “Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s Pro-War, Anti-Civil Liberties Front-Runner”

  1. Hillary Clinton's appeal – for Democratic party constituencies – lies in the fact that she is not a white male. The State Dept. scoured their records for Clinton's "accomplishments," but came up empty. Clinton is exactly what the US public needs least, another war mongering, lying, corrupt, self-serving, blood thirsty, Zionist tool of the NWO, which is why she is very likely to become the next US President.

  2. Where would be a safe place to live after the Empress Regnant starts World War III? The clock is ticking (we have less than a thousand days): http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=2

    If we are lucky the Republicans will bury her Presidential aspirations under Benghazi and their questioning of her fitness to run after she suffered medical problems. She is a household name and a woman (she will earn votes just by being one). She knows why Snowden couldn't be part of the debate in the US. He would have been given the Chelsea Manning treatment. Clinton engaged in ad hominems and evaded the questions rather than discuss the illegality of the programs Snowden shared with journalist. She can say Nazi Germany was worse but that doesn't hide the fact that the programs were deeply anti-American. Also its funny that someone who supported the war in Libya, Iraq, and wanted one in Syria is worried about terrorism. A honest person could tear her arguments to shreds in a debate. The sad thing is that she or someone as bad will probably win the next election. Can the US withstand and survive another 100% imperialist? When is it too late?

  3. Damn straight! The Pantsuited One is everything you said she is–and then some.

  4. Regrettably, The Pantsuited One will probably be nominated in 2016. Of course, the DemoPublican Party will put up an equally vile opponent.

    Don't vote–it only encourages 'em.

  5. Obama and Hillary are bringing the "Syrian People" the "freedoms" Randy says he will bring us….

    But seriously…just like any brutal wanna be despot, this woman would eat her own young… I have absolutely no doubt about that. She doesn't need to 'prove' it to me with 'tough talk'…

    I think the upcoming presidential election will highlight the absurdity of our political system…more than usual that is…and in more ways that one…

  6. Have to add the rap sheet I've been amassing on Hillary Clinton. Trying to create a comprehensive record of her support for war and imperialism. Here it is:

  7. If you want more wars then vote for her otherwise stay clear of her She is in the same league with the war mongers!! Dangerous!! Republicans are no better!!

  8. They'll try to sell her as a "Clinton reunion tour" though. I expect the marketing will be: "remember those prosperous times in the 90s when Clinton was in office?" It will be incredibly stupid and won't deliver, but what do you want to bet with enough marketing sheen some people will fall for it? The "first female president marketing" will also be used. And when all else fails "lesser of two losers " will be preached.

  9. Hillary Clinton represents the far right, aristocrats ambitions' to become the queen of USA. She belongs to far right social class idea that what is called "ordinary people" can be fooled and manipulated by her politics, not that they were not fooled and manipulated by Barack Hussein Obama, is just that she follows the idea presented by Paul Wolfowitz and Madeline Albright far more aggressively then Madeline Albright and Obama. In the other hand the US democrats doesn't have anyone in between Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, those democrats that are by the people and for the people are not that many, beside, the Democratic Party has changed hands from center left to far right since Balkan war, where the architect of Yugoslavia and Balkan war was non but Madeline Albright, and ok'd by Bill Clinton and all right wing democrats. The progressive democrats voice are not heard because of CIA social psychological warfare intended to sideline people hearing their voice and warning, so is the fact with democrats propaganda mechanism approaching people, they don't say what is wrong with party or what has happened since the far right professional politicians took over the party, but they want your money, they are not into a dialogue or discussion about wrong doing by those democrats that are sold to AIPAC or other influential institutions, but they want your donations, they are not even interested discussing the war mongering attitude by president or democratic senators, but they want your donations. And that's when Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama can take the stage and fool the people by promising them "change", and if you are powerful enough and have the influence asking them, what change, they will point at the world map saying the world needs to be changed and what is so good about this mighty army if we cannot use it, these last words are from Madeline Albright before starting the Yugoslavian war, now Barack Hussein Obama and his state department planing a war with Russia, but not until Hillary Clinton is on the stage addressing the states gathered democratic crowd, asking them, are you for change, if you are, then I am your candidate for a bigger war with Russia and China.

  10. Hillary and her Legions of Bouncing Lezzies and unisex undecideds are perfect for her Un- Ladyship soon to be Monarch ‘ retinue and she will be no worse for the nation than any other person in our political system
    I am a Viet Vet that is a coward for I have not had the courage to go see that long blavk scar and read the names I once knew and I think I will wait until the next wall is built upon that polluted city .
    I have no respect for any political or military body in the world and our old nation is no better than some fn third world dictatorship.
    I like the Latino Revolutionary walls, you know the ones with or without tie up post and the walls are all

    bullet pocked because we know Mexicans cannot shoot worth a dam.
    But if they have enough bullers the let the firing squad make sure the targetsbare damned dead.

  11. Not one damn bit of difference between Billary and Hanoi John, is there? Randy Paul's rhetoric won't be much different by 2016 either, at the rate he's going.

  12. Comment above:

    "Have to add the rap sheet I've been amassing on Hillary Clinton. Trying to create a comprehensive record of her support for war and imperialism. Here it is: http://empireslayer.blogspot.com/2013/11/hilary-c….

    Excellent initiative!

    It seems obvious that Hillary Clinton will be a front-runner for War Criminal-in-Chief next time around. They got away with selling a "black" man to the top job, so the next logical deception will be to sell a "woman". There needs to be a concerted campaign now to totally discredit her.

    It makes no difference who seeks the top job – male or female, black or white, Democrat or Republican – another imperialist war criminal will be the next US President.

    Voting for either party only encourages them!

  13. "But in the course of one revolving moon,
    Was chemist, fiddler, statesman, and buffoon."

  14. I think we need to figure out a better way to discourage them because not voting isn't working for me.

  15. To Bruce.

    The US Democratic Party, those who own the party, are no different then Neo Democrats in Europe, a far right aristocrats hand in hand with Neo fascism that are mobilized and mobilizing themselves for the return of fascism to Europe, NATO militarism is part of that process.

    The idea behind the USG/European "Neo" democracy actually comes from Sweden, after the collapse of right wing social democrats policies in 2008, the aristocrats took over the government and started to reduce or totally eliminate the people's right in pension, healthcare, union, job creation, education and etc. By privatizing all and everything that were built for the people and by the people in last 80 years. Swedish present far right aristocrats are in cooperation with "Neo democrats" behind the closed doors, by giving and taking from each other, expending the trend, which is one of the reason for Hillary Clinton being in very close relation with Swedish present government. As everyone knows, Sweden did participate in Libya war which Hillary Clinton was the promoter. The idea in Neo democracy is no longer about the principals of the wording, but rather for democracy to use what once known as "social garbage", fascism, old or new, terrorism, old or created one, apartheid regimes old or new one, tyrant regimes, stone aged or new one, all are ok'd and can be used by the Neo western democracy to promote their falsified democracy, stopping the functioning democracy on its path. Here, people have no values nor what their right in social economical terms might be, because, the idea in Neo democracy is based on, the "only" one that are right about social matters, are those who vote for aristocrats and Neo and old rich aristocrats/capitalism, vulture capitalism and etc, have become the entity of the system owning these party systems social politics ; therefore "average" people's rights are "needs" to be reduced or eliminated, or for "average" people to pay the higher price with less income, for what is a Neo economic system created by aristocrats. Now, if "average" people become homeless, if millions of them are job less is not their nor their government problems. That's what is happening in Sweden and Denmark and rest of the Europe and USG is in learning mood, Hillary Clinton however, knows that USG have a mighty army and she is not afraid to use it, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the head of NATO knows that he needs to support the Saudis and their inhumanity in Syria to be able to sale Danish cheese there, Sweden king knows that he have to kiss the hands of Saudi kingdom family supporting Saudis barbarians in Syria, and so on. All that is about "Neo" but falsified democracy presented by the west.

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  17. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War because Bill is unpopular with the military for avoiding Vietnam. Bill kept bombing Iraq after Gulf War I was officially over. Bill also started wars in the Balkans and bombed a pharmaceutical plant in the Sudan. No matter how much the Clintons kiss the military's ass, they will always be despised by them as much as Jane Fonda.

  18. To Guest

    I thought I said much the same thing, in not so many words.

  19. Vote 3rd party

  20. Not voting is not the answer. If the disaffected don't vote, it will only increase the percentage voting for the two-headed snake. They could care less that the majority do not vote (they'll blame it on apathy) as long as it keeps them in power.

  21. Second paragraph, first line: The word you want is "tack," as in "course of action," not "tact."

  22. Of course, you could also use "tactic."

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  24. I wasn't thinking about voting but if there is a Ron Paul like character then it would probably be a good idea to vote for him and only him. Electronic voting can be easily rigged. "According to a voter in Sutton, New Hampshire, three of her family members voted for Ron Paul, yet when she checked the voting map on the Politico website, the total votes for Ron Paul were zero. " http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=502_1199885913

    I was thinking about peaceful alternatives. Occupy Wall Street failed beyond annoying the powers that be. This is the best idea that I have come across with a proven track record to get concessions (but where exactly are the pressure points): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secessio_plebis

    What else can we do? The hour is late and how many more imperial presidents can the world take?

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  26. Started to read your post and found major flaw in your first point on Hilary. "Nicaragua complained to the International Criminal Court, which ruled in favor of Nicaragua and …."

    The case was to the International Court of Justice. This is VERY different from the International Criminal Court (which prosecutes individuals & doesn't have jurisdiction over the US).

    I stopped reading after this error – please be more careful; otherwise, it detracts from your credibility

  27. Hope all of you are not supporting with your spending, ANY of the industry's that were built upon the ancient ideology that humans are entitled to dominate all of nature, hence, build class systems of slaves to do so. READ AN UNNATURAL ORDER, by Jim Mason. WE aspired to a false dream of endless, mindless consumption. Our food choices are violent, our agriculture is violent, our production systems are violent. We ALL have blood on our hands and subscribed to a system that began ten thousand years ago when we took up agriculture and domestication of animals. WE created the empire of greed and anthropocentric behavior….. Stop supporting it…. Kill it from it's roots, buying into it. Join the last social movement for ending oppression and social injustice. Read about it ; http://www.nonhumanrightsproject.org/ UNDERSTAND domination from it's ancient roots!

  28. Good catch. Gracias.

  29. Btw, you misspelled Hillary as "Hilary" in your first sentence.

    I kept reading nonetheless, and was rewarded ;)

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  32. […] focus on the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram is what it means for Hillary Clinton’s presidential prospects. Boko Haram was not officially designated a terrorist group until Clinton stepped down and John […]

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  36. If you want more wars then vote for her otherwise stay clear of her She is in the same league with the war mongers!! Dangerous!! Republicans are no better!!

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