Washington Post: Warmongering Doesn’t Pay

James Bovard, May 01, 2014

toles05012014 warmongering

It is regrettable that the Washington Post’s editorials on foreign policy are rarely as profound as its editorial cartoons.

Someone could easily compile a list of Washington Post editorials and guest articles by bellicose nitwits urging U.S. preemptive strikes for each venue that Tom Toles lists in this ‘toon.

14 Responses to “Washington Post: Warmongering Doesn’t Pay”

  1. He forgot Libya.

  2. Great cartoon! Many people understand that doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, is a sign of insanity. Unfortunately, US leaders aren't among them.

  3. Insanity is their trademark.

  4. The sign of insanity is when you go coco, the sign of idiocy is when you expect better result when you don't know what you are doing.

  5. A sign of psychopathy is killing without remorse. Lord knows, we are working to corner that market, but damn, the competition is tough.

  6. What competition? We have already cornered the market…."with drones."

  7. He only has so much room to work with…the fact he included "Mideast Peace Talks" is amazing.

  8. It is time, Americans, to see that your constitution is not a guarantee for democracy. Your government was hijacked by oligarchs more than a hundred years ago, and is serving your people nothing but lies. They have the ambition to control the whole world and all of its natural resources, and have been acting towards that goal ever since they seized power.

    Your political parties Democrats and Republicans are nothing but puppets on a string, with the bankmaffia controlling both. You ought to do something about this, before they throw World War 3 upon us all.

    In Sweden, where I live, all of our politicians are on the payroll, one way or another (moneywise or through other favors), by the same oligarchs. All of the media in Sweden are controlled by this mob, freedom of the press is almost totally lost over here, and the swedes are hard indoctrinated and don't see what's coming. A comment like this would never have been published in the main stream media i Sweden nowadays!

    These are scary times…

  9. unquestionably.

  10. I sense a change in Wapo editorial policy. Maybe Jeff Bezos influence?

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