Ron Paul on Street Demonstrations in Germany and the Mystery of Germany’s Gold

Charles Goyette, June 30, 2014

Antiwar and anti-Fed demonstrations in Germany have spread to a hundred cities and now to two more countries . NATO and its expansionism play a material role in the protest movement, but why should Germans and other Europeans be protesting the U.S. Federal Reserve? Charles Goyette and Ron Paul talk about the protests in Germany and about an alarming new twist in the grassroots movement seeking the return of German gold purportedly held by the Fed.

Listen here.

Charles Goyette is New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown and Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Check out Goyette and Paul’s national radio commentary: Ron Paul’s America and the Ron Paul and Charles Goyette Weekly Podcast. Goyette also edits The Freedom and Prosperity Letter.

11 Responses to “Ron Paul on Street Demonstrations in Germany and the Mystery of Germany’s Gold”

  1. I have been waiting for someone to share this post. This has actually made me think and I hope to read more. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  2. Those of the interesting information you always bring out the best that I know, thanks.

  3. The Imperial City truly is a world empire.

  4. Germany should demand its gold be returned. The USA did nothing to earn it. US history classes teach their students that the USA has never done anything wrong. Most of the American people are brainwashed into worshipping the founding fathers and most past presidents like gods.

  5. Actually a lot of what the Founding Fathers said has been completely ignored. The American people worship the state ITSELF. Just like most idiots on this planet. It just so happens that for now the US is the world empire, like Britain before it and Spain before them.

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  7. The Germans will never get their gold back, ever. The Fed counterfeiters have hypothocated and lent it out. It is now the basis of a casino of derivatives a hundred times more than the original value.
    Yellon and her cult money junkies have no intentions of ever returning the gold to Germany. It's Germany's fault to think The Federal Reserve would hold the gold in "safekeeping" in good faith. What were they thinking. How did it happen?

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