Ron Paul on ISIS, Syria, and Foreign Follies

Charles Goyette, August 29, 2014

Just weeks ago President Obama requested an extra $500 million dollars for Syrian rebels. Now with the ISIS rebels having spread across northern Iraq, European sources tell us that the U.S. is passing intelligence on to the Syrian army to target rebels in Syria.

The elective Bush war in Iraq for WMDs that never were is a good case history in the folly of U.S. interventionism. But the rise of ISIS is an even more compact representation of interventionism’s contradictions and failures.

This week Dr. Paul and Charles Goyette talk about ISIS, Syria, and U.S. foreign policy follies.

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Charles Goyette is New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dollar Meltdown and Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. Check out Goyette and Paul’s national radio commentary: Ron Paul’s America and the Ron Paul and Charles Goyette Weekly Podcast. Goyette also edits The Freedom and Prosperity Letter.

6 Responses to “Ron Paul on ISIS, Syria, and Foreign Follies”

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  2. With all due respect Dr. Paul, USG, as the real people in charge as USG never had any foreign policy as a idea in democratizing/democratization in where they have pointed their finger at, militarily or otherwise, USG foreign policies after Vietnam war always been about antagonism, favoritism where the result of their not knowing what is it that they are doing, is ISIS.

    Changing regimes is a policy depending on who is the enemy of those which USG have a political but mostly economical relation with, like Saudis and UAE. From Saddam Hussein to Gaddafi to Syrian legitimate governments needs to be changed according to pentagon/Paul Wolfowitz plan, the idea is demanded by not only Saudis/UAE but Israel as well as AIPAC in Washington.

    George W. Bush was doing Saudis/Wahhabis a favor by removing Saddam Hussein regime, so is Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton by creating and supporting the Syrian oppositions, that policy also resulted to favoritism when Saudis barbarians took over, these Saudis and other barbarians are not only from Saudi Arabia but they are partially supported by Wahhabis and other a like sect within the Saudis kingdom and king Abdullah and his regime knows who they are. The idea is very clear, expending the Saudis fundamentalism into Syria and Iraq, where if Hillary Clinton was in charge we would witnessing the century human massacre by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, in another word, so wrong the USG has been in its assessment yet so favoritism , antagonist they been in last three decades. What USG, whom ever they are, need to ask itself is this, what a hell am I doing to this word where nowhere, from bible to cave man cave carving, to changed bible to used and abused religious is written that the world belongs to USA, where owning the world has become godly word for these people to continue with their deceptive and fraudulent politics, who give the right to Hillary Clinton to decide for the people in Middle East, who give the right to George W. Bush to lie and deceit the world about his personal business with Wahhabis killing millions of Iraqi people. So goes for Barack Hussein Obama and rest of what is called USG, but who is governing the system, must be the question.

  3. Mojo, youre more than the regular analyst.It couldn't been said any clearer.The confusion that reigns presently can also be put in this way.When people of the new teastament are being controlled by the people of the old testament this surely is a clash, a deframing of natural human progress.When the christians of the west are united with the followers of the east, then can they easily defeat this anti-christ.

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