Jason Ditz on RT: UN Syria Resolution Veto

Imagine: The Most Radical Antiwar Campaign Ad Ever?

Non-profit regulations make discussing elements of electoral politics difficult. But we have to acknowledge what might be the most hard-core antiwar ad ever in a major party campaign. Check it out.

‘Which country is more open and transparent?’

Via John McGlynn comes this exchange at the State Department press briefing on Monday: MR. KELLY: Good afternoon. Let me start off by just kind of updating you where we are today in terms of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which you all know started today. The Secretary hosted a dinner last night for […]

Genuine peace and goodwill for the New Year?

While the Obama administration will be shifting troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and continue maintaining more than 700 US military bases throughout the world, another country is using diplomacy to build peaceful relationships — without the use of troops. This week, China not only signed a land border treaty with Vietnam but has now come […]

Not only are they better capitalists, but better peacemakers too?

CNN recently interviewed Premier Jiabao and no topic was considered too taboo.  And while they probably wouldn’t call themselves libertarians, Wen Jiabao and Hu Jintao are arguably much more level-headed and diplomatic than many Western politicians like Obama, McCain or much of the G7 leadership. In particular, Wen discusses a nuclear Iran and supports a […]

China – Taiwan: trade and prosperity

A round of applause to the AWC researchers that copiously scour the internet looking for stories. One of the gems on the frontpage involves a recent timeline of economic relations between China and Taiwan since the election of Ma.  Notice how it is almost the exact opposite of what the current US administration has towards […]