The Gaza Strip: “It’s just that dystopian”

Max Blumenthal tells Glenn Greenwald: “And for all I knew about the Israel-Palestine crisis, I was not prepared to come in to such intimate contact with so much human destruction. And to really come to grips with the fact that the Gaza Strip is an open-air prison, and it’s not hyperbolic to say so. We’re […]

Essential Reading for Nakba Day

The Nakba, 65 Years of Dispossession and Apartheid The Real Story of How Israel Was Created by Alison Weir Asking the Hard Questions About Israel by John Feffer The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism by John Pilger By Murray Rothbard: War Guilt in the Middle East Rand on the Middle East The Massacre If you want […]

Israel’s Repression of Nakba Day (May 15)

Tomorrow is Nakba Day, which commemorates the mass dispossession of Palestinians that accompanied the foundation of the State of Israel. Read “The more Israel represses the Nakba, the stronger the memories” by Gideon Levy in Haaretz. Use the printer-friendly or Google cache version to bypass the paywall. “But the truth is that there is no greater proof […]

Iran Breakthrough: Framework Agreement Reached: The Essential Coverage

Quotes, links, and embedded content in this post.

16 Articles That Expose How They Lied Us Into War in Iraq

A list of must-reads compiled by Scott Horton for the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War

War is the Birth of the State

From the earliest states to the Islamic State There has been some controversy over whether ISIS, or the Islamic State, is truly a state. Even according to the standard definition of “territorial monopoly of force” (which I think is too restrictive anyway), it would be difficult at this point to justify not calling it a […]