Ron Paul: The Most Dangerous Time in Our History?

Washington wants the rest of us to believe we are living in the most dangerous time in history. It is how they can cower us into accepting their “protection.” But they are wrong. They are hyping threats. In fact we have a great many things to be thankful for as Americans this Thanksgiving. Those of […]

Roberts and Roberts Black Friday On Line Sale for

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Ron Paul Asks: Who Is Protecting ISIS And Why?

The US and its allies have allowed their desire for regime change in Syria to outweigh their stated desire to get rid of ISIS. What does that result in? Implicit or explicit protection for ISIS and related extremist groups inside Syria. Turkey was enjoying big business in Syrian underground oil shipments…until the Russians bombed ISIS’s […]

Erdogan’s Desperate Move To Save His Terrorist Pals

What happened. Turkey claims the Russian plane crossed into Turkish airspace and failed to respond to repeated warnings. Russia claims it can prove its plane was over Syria the whole time. We will see if one version or the other will be generally accepted or whether a contentious muddle will continue indefinitely (cf. MH-17). However, […]

Jim Lobe Wins Arthur Ross Media Award

Today (November 19), Jim Lobe was given the Arthur Ross Media Award. The award is presented by the American Academy of Diplomacy at a ceremony held in the Benjamin Franklin Room of the U.S. Department of State. The award was given in recognition of Mr. Lobe’s chronicling of the influence of the neoconservative movement on […]

Turks Hit Russian Fighter – Ron Paul Asks ‘What’s Next?’

Nov 24 – News that Turkey, a NATO member, has attacked and shot down a Russian fighter attacking ISIS positions in Syria has placed Russia and NATO on a footing as tense as at anytime during the Cold War. Turkey claims that Russia violated its airspace, but even if true according to Turkish radar it […]