Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden Kept His Oath Better Than Anyone in the NSA

At a conference earlier this month, Daniel Ellsberg, the hero who revealed the Pentagon Papers, spoke about another hero, Edward Snowden. Conor Friedersdorf writes about Ellsberg’s talk and introduces the talk at his Atlantic column. Watch the video below (83 minutes):

Note to the Washington Post: Military-Aged Does Not Mean Combatant

Over the weekend, Professor David Bernstein penned an article for the Washington Post accusing the media of “journalistic malpractice” for using Gaza Health Ministry figures on civilian deaths in the Israeli onslaught, insisting they were inflated. And I quote Contrary to early reports that 80% or so of the early casualties were civilians, Al-Jazeera published […]

Israel and the US Have Dropped Bombs on 8 Muslim Countries This Year

There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, with 49 countries having a predominantly Muslim population. Of these countries, 4 have been bombed by Israel, and 4 have been bombed by the US this year alone. Here are the four countries bombed by Israel in 2014 1. Sudan (35.4 million people, 96.7% Muslim) On […]

CNN: US Never Apologized or Admitted Shooting Down Iranian Airliner in 1988

I was amazed to see this on CNN last night. Erin Burnett reported on other passenger airliners that have been shot down, focusing on the 1988 shooting down of an Iranian passenger airliner by the US Navy, killing all 274 on board. The US government worked hard to cover up the event and later to […]

How Obama Is a Direct Accomplice to Israeli War Crimes

To assist in a crime makes one a criminal by any legal standard. And the biggest crimes of all are war crimes, since they kill en masse and showcase the cruelest form of human behavior. The fact that Israel is actively committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip is not open to debate, since a […]

Harassing the Drones

Written for teleSUR English, which will launch on July 24 Kabul – On July 10, 2014, in New York State, Judge David Gideon sentenced Mary Anne Grady Flores to a year in prison and fined her $1,000 for photographing a peaceful demonstration at the U.S. Air National Guard’s 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Field (near […]