Will the US Get Serious Now About Eliminating Its Own Nukes?

A few years ago, a plucky contestant on Dancing with the Stars popularized a terrific phrase when asked about her daring routine late in the contest. It was time, she quipped, for her to “go big or go home.” We’d like to see that can-do attitude manifested at the upcoming UN review conference on the […]

The Boston Marathon Two Years Later – A Policeman’s Delight

With the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approaching, NPR is running a series called “The Road Ahead”. In its daily segments, NPR examines how everyday lives have been affected by the horrific event two years ago. One unfortunate but seemingly inevitable part of that road entails law enforcement’s stepped-up abuse of its citizens. […]

Biden Wrongly Claims ISIS War Unified Iraq

Suggesting he neither understands what happened to Iraq in 2014 or what is happening in Iraq right now, Vice President Joe Biden claimed the ISIS war is going very well, and that it had ultimately been a net positive that “unified” the country against a common enemy. The claim was made in spite of increasingly […]

Forgotten Civil War Atrocities Breed More Carnage

This is the 150th anniversary of General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.  Many commentators are touting Lee’s surrender as a triumph for freedom.  While it was a great blessing that slavery ended, the Civil War set precedents for ignoring atrocities that continue to bedevil America.  Here’s a piece from the January issue of The Future of […]

War and the Government Control of Money: Live Streaming Talk this Friday

This Friday, go to mises.org/live to learn how fiat money and inflation enable the warfare state. Mises Academy director and Antiwar.com columnist Dan Sanchez will give a 20-minute talk titled “War and the Government Control of Money” as part of the Mises Institute’s “Sound Money” seminar for college and high school students. This free seminar […]

Judith Miller’s Blame-Shifting Memoir

U.S. intelligence veterans recall the real story of how New York Times reporter Judith Miller disgraced herself and her profession by helping to mislead Americans into the disastrous war in Iraq. They challenge the slick, self-aggrandizing rewrite of history in her new memoir. MEMORANDUM FOR: Americans Malnourished on the Truth About IraqFROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals […]