Ron Paul: The Nevada Range War

Charles Goyette talks with Ron Paul on their weekly podcast about cattle rustlers, cowboys on horseback, and the Nevada showdown with the BLM. Violence has been averted… for now. But what happens next? And a special conversation with Pat Buchanan who has long been warning about the dangers of expanding NATO to Moscow’s’ front door. […]

‘Why Should the State Have the Right To Determine Unilaterally Who Is A Terrorist?’

The people being targeted in the Obama administration’s drone war are “suspects” who deserve due process, renowned linguist and political radical Noam Chomsky said during a talk at Google this month. There’s a debate in the United States, Chomsky said, about the legitimacy of President Obama unilaterally targeting American citizens, like Anwar al-Awlaki, for assassination […]

Mythical “Jew Registration” in East Ukraine a Media Sensation

Determined not to let a good piece of rhetoric go to waste just because it was untrue and discredited nearly 24 hours ago, Western media outlets are running frenzied stories about Jews in the protester-held Eastern Ukraine cities being forced to register, providing a new chance to make World War 2 comparisons, and advancing the […]

Condemning ‘The Aggression We Ourselves Will Not Practice’

Whenever the U.S. gets outraged by the actions of another state, be prepared for elaborate displays of self-deception and hypocrisy. This has surely been on display in the case of the latest outrage in Russia’s annexation of Crimea and meddling in Ukraine. At the Cato Institute’s blog yesterday, Ted Galen Carpenter reiterated a point I’ve […]

Most Reported Deaths in Syria Have Not Been Committed By Assad Regime

The one idea interventionists have to solve the Syrian conflict is to eliminate the Assad regime. Regime change is the solution to the humanitarian calamity, they reason, because the Assad is the one doing all the killing. As Sen. John McCain has repeatedly yelped, “The fact is Bashar Assad has massacred 100,000 people.” Actually, he hasn’t. According […]

War Tax Resisters

Kudos to Democracy Now for covering this: