The New State Department Report on Hillary’s Email, and Why it Matters

The State Department Inspector General’s (IG) investigation report leaked out a day early on May 25 makes a number of significant points. These matter, and need to be considered by anyone voting in November. What’s in the IG Report Neither Clinton nor any of her senior staff would participate in the IG’s investigation. Clinton never […]

Syrian Islamists Fight for Practical Reasons, Not Ideological Ones

Our main story today is a new study which involved personal interviews with over 300 Syrians to understand why so many have joined the ongoing civil war. Interviews were conducted with people who have already participated in the war and those actively considering it, as well as family and community members. The study found that […]

James Bovard on the Cost of the War on Terror

James Bovard talks about the war on terror, which he says has cost the U.S. $4 trillion since it began in 2001.

Andrew Bacevich Talk: ‘Has U.S. Foreign Policy Since the End of the Cold War Made America Safer?’

On May 18, 2016 the Charles Koch Institute hosted “Advancing American Security: The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy” to examine current U.S. foreign and defense policies. During his opening address, renowned military historian Andrew Bacevich surveyed the recent history of U.S. engagement in the world and assessed whether it has made America safer.

Court Decision Grants Shocking New Government Powers

Harvard law professor and former Obama Administration official Cass Sunstein has written approvingly recently about a recent Supreme Court decision which affirms a 1997 case that determined that Executive Branch agencies have the authority to interpret the meaning of the regulations they write. What this means is that the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch […]

Hammering for Peace

Last winter, at the Voices home/office in Chicago, we welcomed two friends who were in town for a Mennonite church gathering focused on the symbol of beating swords into plowshares. Their project embraces a vision from the biblical “Book of Isaiah” which longs for the day when “they shall beat their swords into plowshares and […]