When Will They Apologize to the Speicher Family?

For just one example of the disgusting exploitation of Capt. Scott Speicher by pro-war officials and pundits, I give you this from Jed Babbin on March 23, 2003, three days after the invasion of Iraq began: He [Speicher] may still be alive in Iraq, rumored to have been kept as a personal torture toy for […]

“Mancow” Waterboarded

Radio host “Mancow” has apparently been defending the water torture. Perhaps those days are now over.

Face It, Progs: Obama’s a Dud

Rachel Maddow, on the other hand, appears to be a keeper. In the clip below, she explains how President Obama, principled opponent of prosecuting or even investigating past crimes, plans to lock people up for future crimes. Forever. To be fair, that is literally progressive. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uuWVHT1WUY[/youtube]

McChrystal, Copper Green, Torture and Assassination

Check out this great Esquire article about the torture occupation of Iraq and new Afghan boss McChrystal‘s role. How’d I miss this in ’06? It was a point of pride that the Red Cross would never be allowed in the door, Jeff says. This is important because it defied the Geneva Conventions, which require that […]

Democrats: Investigate Republicans

But why bring up lawbreaking by the Democrats who preceded them? We don’t want to criminalize policy differences do we? The sooner we stop pretending there is a “rule of law” which binds the power of our government, the better off we’ll all be.

Oh, Poor Judge Bybee!

Pravda reports that Federal Judge Jay Bybee, who “interpreted” the law to mean that it was perfectly okay for George W. Bush to slam people against the wall 30 times in a row after keeping them awake for a month chained to the ceiling and forced to evacuate on themselves when they weren’t being locked […]