Letters, 04/28/09

April 28, 2009

In reply to “Most Families Allow Media to Report on Fallen Soldiers,” by Jason Ditz, 04/27/09:

Asking the soldiers to arrange their own funerals before they go into combat will surely do wonders for their morale! It also indicates, of course, that the military are still trying to muzzle the familes and the press, which is a tacit admision of defeat on their part.

Kenny Michael

In reply to “Some Might Call It Treason,” by Philip Giraldi, 04/27/09:

Assuming that what has been reported about Harman’s wiretapped conversations is true, Harman acted as an unregistered agent of the Israeli government. That category of acts is defined by at least two federal statutes as a crime, and it is punishable by a large fine and prison time not to exceed 20 years.

As a longtime Democratic voter and a lifelong citizen of the USA, I support Harman’s prosecution, just as I deplore the servility of American public servants — elected and appointed — to Israel and to its agents-for-hire and its ideological supporters in the United States.

The Obama administration doubtless wants to look forward on this as it does with the torture issue, but by doing so it will cheapen respect for the law, erode the structure of the republic, and diminish the independence of the United States.

Alan Bickley

In reply to “Harmanic Convergence” by Justin Raimondo, 04/22/09:

But if the case is dropped they would be getting away with it. I don’t see how the Israeli lobby would be in any way punished for their espionage against America. I think it would embolden them further to take more risks diplomatically and militarily. The only way Israel is going to learn to play fair is to suffer the consequences of her actions.

J.J. Whalen