Letters, 05/14/09

May 14, 2009

In reply to “This is Mental Health, Military-Style,” by Aaron Glantz, 05/14/09:

Good words. I served 9 years in the Canadian army and was hurt and medically treated and sent back to duties. When I got out, I told them I was ok, as I was trained to do, and I suffered my injuries in silence for 20 years before I got any treatment.

PTSD is an invisible, terrible condition, in which the victim only experiences the symptoms, anger, pain, hate, rage, all bottled up inside, covered over with wilful determination, to SUCK IT UP, and hide it and get on with being on the job and hiding the feelings that boil over in RAGING FURY.

It is so hard to explain. It is a condition that is invisible, but very painful. Alcohol and drugs don’t make it better, only worse. It takes many years to learn how to cope with it. Some people never get over it. I know, I have it.


In reply to “Obama Aide Puts Israel’s Nukes in the Diplomatic Mix,” by Helena Cobban, 05/08/09:

As long as Israel has nuclear weapons, Iran is entitled to have them too.

Wm. Kuhn

In reply to “Is Obama Taking on the Israeli Lobby?” by Justin Raimondo, 05/07/09:

I hope Justin is right that Obama is taking on the Israel Lobby. But it seems farfetched with Rahm Israel Emanuel as chief of staff of the White House and the Obama administration full of Israel supporters.

Perhaps Justin has given us a case of “hope springs eternal.”

Paul Craig Roberts

There are many Americans that want to see Obama stand up to Israel. To read that Raimondo has a glimmer of hope makes my heart sing this morning!


In reply to “Jon Stewart: Wimp, Wuss, Moral Coward,” by Justin Raimondo, 05/05/09:

Far too much of the peace movement — along with support for civil liberties — has been the monopoly of the radical left for too long.

This is why a peace movement NEEDS libertarians, Constitutionalists, and paleoconservatives, now more than ever.

I really wouldn’t expect too much from the Jon Stewarts of the media from now on, at least not until Sarah Palin is in the White House …

David K. Meller