Donald Barlett and James Steele

Award-winning investigative reporting team Donald Barlett and James Steele, both contributing editors to Vanity Fair, talk about their new article, “Washington’s $8 Billion Shadow,” about Military Industrial Complex welfare recipient Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), their political connections, incompetence, propaganda, and the impunity with which they operate.

MP3 here. (36:23)

Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele are one of the most widely acclaimed investigative reporting teams in American journalism. They have worked together for more than three decades, first at The Philadelphia Inquirer, (1971-1997) where they won two Pulitzer Prizes and scores of other national journalism awards, then at Time magazine, (1997-2006) where they earned two National Magazine Awards, becoming the first journalists in history to win both the Pulitzer Prize for newspaper work and its magazine equivalent for magazine reporting, and now at Vanity Fair as contributing editors. They also have written seven books.


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