Philip Giraldi

[audio:] columnist Philip Giraldi discusses the conflict for Kurdish independence from Turkey, Iran and Syria, U.S. support PKK/PEJAK, MEK, Jundullah and other terrorist groups, the high chances of war with Iran and the risk it will ignite a regional war, the willful ignorance of the Bush/Cheney administration, the neocons’ attempt to undermine Rice’s deal with the North Koreans, the belief of the “intelligence community” that the story of DPRK-Syrian cooperation on a nuclear weapons program is “some kind of fraud,” waterboarding, war crimes and American withdrawal from Iraq.

MP3 here. (40:41)

Philip Giraldi is a former DIA and CIA officer, partner at Cannistraro Associates, Francis Walsingham Fellow for the American Conservative Defense Alliance, contributing editor at the American Conservative magazine, blogger at the Huffington Post and columnist at