Aaron Glantz


Aaron Glantz, host of KPFA’s “The War Comes Home” series and author of How America Lost Iraq, discusses the recent ruling in favor of Lt. Ehren Watada, the and the homelessness, suicides, PTSD and other problems faced by soldiers and marines returning from the war and the government’s total negligence in their care.

MP3 here. (34:16)

Aaron Glantz has visited Iraq three times during the U.S. occupation: for a month immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein; from February to May 2004; and during the elections in January of 2005. His work from Iraq has also been syndicated to newspapers around the world by Inter Press News Service.

He is author of the San Francisco Chronicle best-selling book How America Lost Iraq (Penguin/2005), which describes how the war turned to disaster from the perspective of the Iraqi people.

Aaron is a founding producer of Pacifica Radio’s national newscast, Free Speech Radio News In the course of his work he has also reported from Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, France, and Denmark and their new project WarComesHome.org.

Before becoming an international reporter, Aaron served as California State Capitol reporter for Pacifica’s flag-ship station, KPFA, in Berkeley CA, where he won the California Journalism Award for radio in 2000.

He maintains his own website at AaronGlantz.com.