Barbara Slavin


Senior diplomatic reporter for USA Today Barbara Slavin, author of Bitter Friends, Bosom Enemies: Iran, the U.S., and the Twisted Path to Confrontation, discusses the likelihood of war with Iran, their exclusion from the Annapolis conference, and how the U.S. has helped the “neoconservative” hardliners in Iran by spurning every peace offer of the Iranian moderates.

MP3 here. (18:20)

Barbara Slavin is the senior diplomatic reporter for USA Today since 1996, with the responsibility for analyzing foreign news and U.S. foreign policy. Sha has covered such key issues as the U.S.-led war on terrorism, policy toward “rogue” states, the reform movement in Iran and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Sha has also accompanied two Secretaries of State on their official travels and reported from Libya, Israel, Egypt, North Korea, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Syria.