Dilip Hiro

US Has Abused Iraq for a Long Time


Dilip Hiro, author of Secrets and Lies: Operation “Iraqi Freedom” and After: A Prelude to the Fall of U.S. Power in the Middle East?, discusses the history of U.S. relations with Iraq, why they didn’t topple Saddam in 1991, the Iran-Iraq war and his belief that the Annapolis summit was held mostly for the purpose of holding together the Arab coalition against Iran.

MP3 here. (15:06)

Born in the Indian sub-continent, Dilip Hiro was educated in India, Britain and America, where he received a master’s degree at Virginia Polytechnic & State University. He then settled in London in the mid-1960s, and became a full-time writer, journalist and commentator. He has published 28 books.

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