Charles Featherstone

Empire and Terrorism

[audio:] writer Charles Featherstone, discusses the bankrupt ideology of American empire and the best way to fight al Qaeda. Featherstone’s elaboration on the central bank question here.

MP3 here. (43:18)

Charles Featherstone is a divinity student, writer, blogger and former reporter.

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  1. Scott:

    Love your interviews for (anticipating each next one is something, for me, now approaching an addiction).

    Re the latest one with Charles Featherstone: See a theory of Richard Maybury who writes the U.S. & World Early Warning Report newsletter. ( His Jan ’08 edition links (I kid you not) a recent CBS Sunday Morning segment featuring singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka – with a brief history of the USA’s public education system – to make sense of the current insanity in today’s world. Nuts, you say? Well, look it up. Read it. And then decide.

    But whether you do or not, I still love your interviews.

    J Garrison

  2. I think the reason that the “Left” doesn’t go after the Federal Reserve is because they associate any opposition to the Fed’s existence as just right wing conspiracies, like in that “Zeitgeist” movie. Many lefties have attacked Ron Paul for it, calling him a right wing nut case afraid some great Jewish banking conspiracy.

  3. I am a big fan of Richard Maybury. Here’s an old interview of him:

    Funny story. My old high school science teacher heard that show, said “Hey, that’s Scott!” and then went out and reread Locke, Jefferson, Paine, Mises etc. and got all excited about liberty again. Then he called me up a few weeks later to tell me all about it. We went out for tacos and caught up on old times.

    Okay, well, it’s not funny, but I like it.

  4. I am a swedish guy and I have listened to pretty much all of the radioshows for antiwar radio and I must say that this is the best journalism I have ever come across, bar none.

    Seriously, imagine the Scott Horton cable news show… Not only are the topics and the guests very interesting, the way Scott interviews is just excellent!

    God save America and Ron Paul.

  5. True, but lefties have already gone after Paul over it, calling him a conspiracy nut. J4ck

    I find that not to be true. Those, left and right, that do dont understand how the Fed operates nor the rational behind intentional, moderated, inflation.

  6. A satisfying interview with many of the substantial background points laid to the floor.

    I have one nitpicking point, however: we all take it on faith here that the notion of entlightened self-interest is probably the best course of action and that the free-market (in its purest incarnation as envisioned), if ever allowed to take root free of coercion, is probably the most just of all currently imagined and/or conceived of systems.

    It must be admitted, nonetheless, that many sectors of the corporate landscape in our country has benefitted from undue support and intervention by the federal government (mostly in the form of no-bid contracts, subsidies and laws in place restricting a true free market). So let us not forget that the system we had envisioned (“we” in the sense of our collective believe in the national organizing principle of unrestrained, yet moral, economic freedom) is no where near what we have today.

    In other words, corporations do not have to be bad but if allowed to rampage with the (coercive) aid of the political power structure (as they have done) then its ain’t so good.

  7. I’ve been reading for years and have been listening to Antiwar Radio since the beggining, and this is one of the best, most eloquent interviews I’ve heard. If ever I want to explain non-interventionism and libertarianism to someone and at the same time win them over to it, this is the place where I’ll point them. Excellent job, both of you.

    Scott, please try get this guy back on the show sometime.

  8. WoW, another great interview from Scott, who is this guy “Charles Featherstone” man, this guy had great knowledge and understanding of situation in Iraq and Afghanistan plus federal reserve. Great way start 08″ keep up the good work. Hope is still in the air thanks to you guys.

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    Thank you for your assistance in my recovery.

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