Luke Ryland

FBI Cover-up in Sibel Edmonds Case


Luke Ryland, proprietor of the blogs Against All Enemies, Let Sibel Edmonds Speak, discusses the new articles in the London Sunday Times about the Sibel Edmonds case and indications of an FBI cover-up of their long-term investigation into the alleged Israeli-Pakistani-Neocon axis of nuclear spying in the United States.

MP3 here. (42:32)

Luke Ryland blogs at Against All Enemies, Let Sibel Edmonds Speak, Kill the Messenger, Disclose Denny, and WotIsItGood4. He lives in Tasmania.

7 thoughts on “Luke Ryland”

  1. Sibel deserves to be heard, and the people who pulled this crap deserve to be exposed to the light of day, like the maggots that they are.

  2. To quote another astute observer of the “American Way”:

    “Everything that will ever happen in the market and economy will follow these three basic steps. Keep in mind that the powers that be always have the solution ready before even starting the first phase. It’s a way to get the public to “want” their solution, as it’s the favored solution tabled after the “problem” arises.”

    1. PROBLEM



    Most Americans could care less who is running their country as long as they get their bread & circuses. Bush has used his “terror”schtick to the point where it is beginning to wear pretty thin but it has allowed him to implement unheard of restrictions on individual freedom here in the USA.

    The next “problem” will be an economic recession/depression that will allow the government to take even more control over the life of the individual. The Edmonds affair and all of its implications will become lost in the shuffle. As long as most Americans can be led to believe that the government is acting in their best interests they will remain lost in the fog.

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