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The Neocons


Jim Lobe, Washington correspondent for IPS News, discusses the neoconservative movement, their origins on the Trotskyite Left, their alliances with Scoop Jackson, the Christian Right, Rightwing nationalists and the Military Industrial Complex against the old eastern establishment, their lust for power and militaristic world view, their role in the war against Iraq and the realist resurgence.

MP3 here. (55:49)

Jim Lobe, works as Inter Press Service’s correspondent in the Washington, D.C., bureau. He has followed the ups and downs of neoconservatives since well before their rise in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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  1. Another very informative interview, I didn’t know that the neoconservatives were such a select group. I just assumed Bolton and Rumsfeld and the rest were just neocons not just rightwing nationalists.

  2. There seem to be two definitions. There are the Neocons as explained by this radio interview. That’s also the Raimondo definition of them. And they did ally with the Theocons.

    However the other use of the term is something used by Paleo-cons that is actual conservative who still believe in the conservative principles of small government and fiscal responsibility.

    Under this definition we refer to all the Republicans who are not really conservative, AKA all the pro-war, big government, large spending and borrowing, leftists who are Liberal on economic issues and issue of government yet they retain the Socially backward positions of the Theocons of the old religious right.

    Thus they are Neo-conservatives because there is nothing conservative about them other than the title of Republican. Neocons are the opposites of Libertarians. (Fiscally Conservative social liberal with a small “L”.)

    I call the neocons a group of Zionists x-communists merging themselves into the MIC who has over lapping cash interests with the conflicts the fascist idealogy of Zionism creates. What we are left with is the ultra religious right (both Christian and Jewish) and the might and media control of the MIC who has overlapping directorits with all the MSM parent groups, leading the US down the road of imperialism that the USSR took with the Federal Reserve laughing all the way and they loan us into a finacial collapse.

    The one solution is Ron Pual but in democracies we pander to the lowest common denominator and those peopoe are too stupid to elect an actual American. That is a person putting our (the American people) interest first and not personal profit, bigotry, and egoism.

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