Seymour Hersh

Israel’s Sept. Attack on Syria


Seymour Hersh from the New Yorker discusses his new article about theĀ  Israeli air strike against Syria last September, U.S. complicity and the lies used to justify it.

MP3 here. (17:00)

Seymour Hersh is an award winning investigative reporter currently writing for the New Yorker magazine.

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  1. So what is new? Hersh says nothing here- as usual. Leave it to antiwar to rehash second hand reverb and get paid for it. Meidocrity begets the same.

  2. Mr. Hersh has pointed to one more “land mine” Bush and company have given us. The lie about nuclear weapons in Syria is equal to that about WMDs in Iraq. Israel is the only country in the area that has nuclear bombs. It will not permit inspection. If Syria wanted to get its own weapons to offset Israel’s, they now have even more reason to obtain weapons to keep Israel from any future attacks.

  3. more of nothing, Anonymous,

    As long as you have civilian populations in general, (Americans in particular) who support a NEVER-ENDING-STATE-OF-WAR for their particular country, why would any government, much less the ruling class elite that runs things, give them anything less? Congressman Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are the only individuals who have called for scaling down the empire yet the people will not support their cause for the Presidency. Why? Because in truth, while they may not admit it in an open forum, Americans support the mass murder of innocents around the world, the taking of their resources, and the destruction of their lands. It’s that simple.

  4. Americans have bought the yellow peril, the russians are coming, the domino theory of communism, the “drugs cause crime” nonsense, and Iraq’s WMDs. They bought the idea that “terrorism” is different than “shock and awe” and they will buy the theory that a third-rate backward country is a threat to Isreal and America. They will buy any theory that gives them an excuse to wave flags and “support the troops” while lounging on their sofas watching the government-licensed and corporate-funded TV. Americans love war and are lying when they say otherwise. They love facism and despise liberty. They love racism and getting free stuff at the expense of their neighbors. Americans are moral slobs. America isn’t about philosophy. It is about obesity.

  5. America is broke. The country used up all of the morality in the land a long time ago. Now the consequences shall emerge. The geopolitical structure will not shift immediately. The implications of past actions are now taking effect; however, the usual absence of action in the presence of a slowly occurring (non-visible) problem surrenders the country to a certain path of fate. Perhaps it is not too late to mitigate the effects of past decision, but, it is certainly unavoidable that turmoil will rear upon humanity. The path of history illuminates this particular paradox: chaotic instability precedes a calm lull during which humanity grieves for its mistakes. The fault that America finds itself juxtaposed against opposing world powers is not testament to the stupidity of Americans, but rather, the fear of action on part of the America people.

  6. Please, no more of the British high-horse cavalry! I’m an American and I was every bit as opposed to the War on Iraq as any of you on this thread, without exception (and from Day One). In fact, over half of America voted AGAINST George Bush Jr in 2000, and nearly that many in 2004. In 2006, his Party lost their majorities in both Houses of our Congress (our upper House is also elected by “commoners”). I will admit that the 2006 results have not done much good so far.
    However, as I seem to recall, Great Britain joined in the invasion of Iraq – and I believe there are still British troops in Iraq to this very day?
    Since you mentioned it, didn’t American slavery begin under English colonial rule?
    And, I may be wrong, but I believe I’ve seen some rather chubby British people on the Television lately. Must be that extra 10 lbs the camera adds… or visiting Americans?

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