Jonathan Schwarz

Bill Kristol: Wrong


Jonathan Schwarz, co-author of Our Kamf and the blog A Tiny Revolution, discusses the fun he had upon finding a tape of Bill Kristol and Daniel Ellsberg on “Washington Journal” just after the Iraq invasion.

MP3 here. (40:25)

Jonathan Schwarz has written for many publications, including the New Yorker, New York Times, Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Slate, Esquire and Village Voice. He’s also contributed material to Saturday Night Live and National Public Radio.

His website is named after something George Orwell once said: “Every joke is a tiny revolution.”

9 thoughts on “Jonathan Schwarz”

  1. I once saw Krystol on tv attempting to scuttle away from one of his own phony assertions by saying “…the Viet Nam war was an unusual moment…” Miserable coward.

  2. “this will be a 2 moth war”

    “the sunni and shia will come together”

    “we will be greeted as liberators”

    Bill Kristol 03

  3. Please refrain fm using ugly phrases like that…No one hates the Jews, I hope…but decent people don’t appreciate their Bolshevism in Europe or their racial-supremacist, hypocritical Zionism in the Holy Land…” Yea, I know the scandal who call themselves Jews and are not, indeed they are a Synagogue of Satan”-the words of our Lord to St. John Revelations 1…
    It’s a sin to hate the Jews as a race…Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Jews…Of course, most of the Zionists are descended fm the Khazars of SW Russia who converted in 740 a.d….The average gentile in the modern era is probably more Jewish what with the 12 tribes being scattered to the four winds in 70 a.d. by Roman General Titus..Who was inspired to have the Temple destroyed after being ordered not to…fulfilling Christ’s phrophecy 34 yrs earlier..
    The old covenant is obsolete…In the new testament era one is a Jew of the spirit-that is by Faith-not by race….We must pray for their conversion…On Good Friday they cried out; ” His blood be upon us and on our children” Until they convert His blood continues to come down upon them-as a curse…After they convert it will come down as a blessing at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where Calvary is re-enacted.
    Even the immense power they have in the modern era is a curse-of course they think it’s a blessing but it’s for their own harm and the harm of everyone else…But their immense power is a direct result of the loss of Faith among Christians which is why almighty God is using both Jew and Muslim to chastise us….But they are not the problem-the problem is the almost complete into secularism, materialism and liberalism…( It goes beyond Left and Right )….

  4. “Darryl,” if you’re some idiot trying to discredit this site by posting blatantly anti-semitic vitriole in the hopes that others will get the impression that such a stupid sick statement is typical of’s readership, give it the hell up. Limit your inane ramblings to whatever warmongering neocon echo chambers you usually frequent.

    And acquire for yourself a life.

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