Bill Barnwell

Christianity and War


Bill Barnwell, minister from Michigan and writer for discusses the ranting of Pastor John Hagee against Catholicism and for Armageddon, the question of whether or not God is an American nationalist and warmonger and the danger of a real “clash of civilizations.”

MP3 here. (28:45)

Bill Barnwell is a pastor and writer from Michigan. He holds both a Master of Ministry degree and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree from Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana.

16 thoughts on “Bill Barnwell”

  1. I’m not familiar with Mr. Barnwell but he seems somewhat apologetic for Hagee, a man who has said incredibly hateful things about many groups of people.

    Has interviewed Sam Harris? I think that would be pretty worthwhile.

  2. In all of the modern wars it’s hard to see how God is on anybody’s side..War is a punishment for sin…Judeo-Masonic, anti-Catholic, secular America with it’s sport and supermarket Sundays can’t claim the banner of Christ any more than Talmudic, Pharasaical Israel or Wahabi Sunni Saudi Arabia..To think otherwise is to be ignorant of the Christian religion..One has only to look at our pornographic pop culture, the total lack of modesty in our women, usurious financial system, nationalized abortion, celebration of the “alternative lifestyle, need we go on?
    St. Thomas Aquinas wrote the Just War doctrine..It’s sound and the invasion and occupation of Iraq did not meet it’s criteria..If you are a Christian you have to choose between the Just War doctrine written by a Saint or the neo-con version…it’s that simple..If you’re Catholic ( O’Reilly ) you have to choose between the 1st Amendment or the Syllabus of Errors ( Pius IX )..You have to choose ( Hannity ) between the teachings of the Popes and great priests like Fr. Dennis Fahey or Abe Foxman and the Weekly Standard…

  3. Me thinks you fear live babies….and women who preserve their dignity and honor..and know that they expect the same fm the men around them, not " check out my ass, nice, huh? " Where is the dignity in that type of mentality? And a woman who really values the option of sacrificing a baby's life because it's inconvenient doesn't deserve much respect..I'm sorry if this is all over your head…

  4. When you lose the Faith you don’t stop believing-you start believing in anything..As in the case of GW Bush..His new idol is the “global, democratic revolution” and ” democracy” and “freedom” which is mostly just a cover for war profiteering, destroying Israel’s enemies and trying to “privatize” Iraq’s oil reserves…Adherence to the Just War Doctrine and the Social Reign of Christ through His Church’s Social Teaching would stop things like this from happening..But modern man knows better..Modern man even thinks that God is something that WE control..So they make their own Jesus ( if they feel the need to even recognize His name )..Suddenly THEIR Jesus is in favor of female priests ( even though He chose male apostles) and communion in the hand, lay readers, liturgical dancing, the exclusive use of the vernacular, homosexuality and “choice”…Well, if you think that’s the way it works then you’re whistling all the way to Hell..

  5. We have no buisness killing people in Jesus Name; just so war profeteering buzzards can get richer . That is why these pro war republican maggots twist and spin all damn day the truth about the Gospel of Immanuel { GOD WITH US}… That is why they hate Howard Zinn ; Michael Moore; Ken Davis; ANTIWAR.COM..OR ANYONE ELSE WHO TRIES TO EXPOSE THEIR GREED… THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF DEMOCRACY : not only here in the United States but their desire is to create fascism cheap labor and oppression throughout the world for the haves and have mores. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE OF THE 911 COMMISSION REPORT AND THE SO CALLED THREAT of the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION?????? THESE BASTARDS DO NOT BELIEVE IN CHRIST THAT IS WHY THEY WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IN THEIR FALSE LEAVENED DOCTORINE, THAT THEY PROMOTE SO YOU WILL BE GULLIBLE ENOUGH TO DO THEIR KILLING FOR THEM: While they sit back and suck up the money and bask in the sun till they rott.. tHESE LEAVENISTS HAVE BEEN AROUND SINCE THE PRINCE OF THE POWER OF THE AIR,the GOD of THIS WORLD:

  6. This guy may know what he’s talking about, but as a person lacking in underlying knowledge of his subject, I found him incomprehensible. I guess that illustrates the gap between the relgious and the non-religious worlds.

  7. What makes you think Bush has lost his faith? He’s almost certainly not as religious as he tries to portray himself, but he’s never said or done anything to indicate he’s lost his faith. Would you argue that someone’s support for war would define them as no longer a Christian? If you contend that God decides on destruction of the wicked and can have humans enact such execution, what makes you think there killing of the people of the Mideast is any less valid than Hebrew extermination of Canaanites in Biblical times? You’ve even argued that God only punished the guilty and not the innocent during the conquest Israel and that the ethnic cleansing was in the context of the time. But, military bombings and invasions are in the context of our time, why wouldn’t the actions today fit into a divine judgment context?

  8. Well Troy, your argument only works if God in fact commands the bloodshed and destruction today. I don’t see a theological rationale for the vast majority of human centered wars throughout history. Also the above “legendary Bill” poster is not me.

    To eCAHNomics, you are correct that these are difficult issues to work through and that’s the case not only for unbelievers, but for believers as well as there remains much confusion on these subjects and centuries of debate. That’s part of my point: Evangelicals should not be formulating their foriegn policy on a few highly debatable texts of Scripture where their case is far from air-tight.

  9. Bush has the wrong faith ( as un-PC as it is to point out )…It’s pure Calvinism ( ” I’m prosperous so therefore God must love me” ) .That’s
    why Pat Robertson said, ” I just think the blessing of God is upon him..”before the ’04 election..
    So that’s what animates him..Saddam was selling Iraq’s oil for Euros ( which shows he was going in the right direction in that respect ) and that was the last straw..Plus all the money that could be made by Bechtel, Northrup Grumman, GE, McDonnel Douglas, Haliburton, etc..Plus the Israel First Zionists ( ” the New York money people” – Gen Wesley Clark ) . And lastly, ” it was do-able ” -Paul Wolfowitz…Since all the different factions were being held together by Saddam…Not to mention Saddam was protecting the Christians in Iraq ( who have since gone to Syria and Jordan and Lebanon-the neo-cons must love that )…All of this was easily predictable…
    American is capable of all this because it’s NOT a Christian nation..See the Treaty of Tripoli signed with the Barbary Coast Pirates and ratified by the Senate…It stated that, ” our difficulties with you had nothing to do with religion because America is not a Christian nation, rather it was purely a commercial problem..”

  10. eCAHNomics you are not alone. Incomprehensible is one thing. I could get my brain to follow if I wanted, I guess, with enough time and work. But what a load of nonsense…
    It is time this nation would stop mixing antiquated superstitions with politics.

  11. What I was trying to get at was because the justification for the Hebrews taking over Palestine comes from the Torah, their book, wasn’t written until after they took over. So it’s really their word and interpretations about God that was the justification. Christian Zionists use the Bible and their interpretations about God to offer justification. So, are you saying that it’s just because their textual interpretations are not technically correct dealing with the Apocalypse that they are wrong? (Good thing you told me you weren’t “the legendary Bill”, that changes my opinion of you.)

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