Ray McGovern

Who’s to Stop the Next War Now?


Former CIA analyst and antiwar activist Ray McGovern discusses the resignation of Adm. Fallon, his fears that war with Iran is looming, Bush and Cheney’s promise to the Israeli government that they will “take care of” Iran by the end of their term, U.S. complicity in Israel’s 1981 attack on Iraq’s Osirak reactor, the newest proof that Saddam had no ties at all to Osama bin Laden, the tortured accusations of al-Libbi against Saddam Hussein, the case for the impeachment of Dick Cheney for lying us into war and torturing people and his assessment of Robert Gates.

MP3 here. (24:11)

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years – from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush.

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  1. According to Dr. Bob Bowman, who was chief of US Air Force Missile Defense, missile defense is the missing link to a First Strike. Dr. Bob Bowman thinks missiles in Poland will be very useful to shoot down any surviving Russian missiles after a First Strike. Therefore the Russians will implement Launch On Warning.The terrible consequences of a mistake will be caused by the stupid Pentagon. Dr. Bob Bowman agrees that the Pentagon(McCain?) will get disarming first-strike capability by 2011/12. Acc. to former Trident missile engineer Bob Aldridge-www.plrc.org-the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy subs simultaneously. The main danger is Russian Launch On Warning because of US F-S C. Please read Keir Lieber and Daryl Press,”The Rice of US Nuclear Primacy”, 2006 March issue of Foreign Affairs.

  2. The people running this country and particularly the anal sphincters who are in the Bush administration are totally incompetent and delusional. What a bunch of tools.

    There is no way we can defeat the russians in a nuclear conflict. Nobody wins a nuclear conflict. Even if we could guarantee that not a single russian nuke would hit the US, the fallout from our strikes on russia would permanently poison the atmosphere and lead to ecological disaster. Not to mention the direct deaths of tens of millions of russians in what would be the worst crime against humanity in history.

    Why is ANYONE still thinking along these lines. These Bush people I have concluded are simply corrupt, incompetent warmongers, cowardly brainless prats. It is by far the worst administration in US history. Only a fool – and bush is a fool of the first order – would contemplate attacking countries that are zero threat to the US. neither iran or iraq have ever been threats to the US.

    Why haven’t these sphincters been impeached? I mean, bush should have been impeached by 2005 at the latest. Today Bush the fool was quoted as saying ‘I am for a strong dollar’. What an idiot. He is just full of crap and quite possibly insane! If this spoiled little idiotic piece of garbage was for a strong dollar why did he allow the deficits to rack up under his watch to historic highs?

    I cannot wait for this piece of trash to leave office.

  3. “quite possibly insane!” Most probable in my opinion. Bush says that he would like to go to the front lines ines in Afghanistan to help the “budding democracy”. Sure, just like he wanted to be flying his fighter jet over Viet Nam… Bush is so out of touch with reality that it is a waste of time to try to debate his condition.

    The rest of the world sees America as it is while the US government and its lapdog media constantly indoctrinate the populace with the fantasy of what they would like it to be. The longer the people of America allow the illusion to continue the closer it gets to morphing into reality.


    Impeach Busj and Cheney NOW

    Defense of the Constitution Knows No Party

    The Bush administration has illegally seized and imprisoned Americans without benefit of their trial by jury, has spied on Americans without warrant in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, has lied America into a disastrous war, and has betrayed an American intelligence officer, who was working on weapons of mass destruction networks, to our enemies (Valerie Plame.)

    Impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney are now a distinct possibility, thanks to a recent outpouring of public support for impeachment by Americans across the political spectrum. Your calls and faxes to House Judiciary Committee members are needed to keep up the pressure.

    Leave a message for your Congressman, to demand he obey his oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Act now to restore your rights and the rule of law bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers, which brave men have died defending throughout our history.

    Call the House Judiciary Committee

    and demand that Impeachment hearings begin ASAP!

    *What Happened to Make This All Possible?

    On November 6, 2007, Rep. Dennis Kucinich brought H.Res.799, for the impeachment of Cheney, to the House Floor for debate. It was broadcast on CSPAN. A sudden outpouring of public support for impeachment forced lawmakers to keep the resolution alive. Democrats, most of whom currently resist demands for impeachment, were unwilling to kill the bill with the public watching. Republicans and some Democrats, mindful of impeachment sentiment, voted to debate the bill, but failed. At the end of the day, Americans of both parties had made it clear whose “table” this is, and that they want to see impeachment on it.

    For more information go to

    WE NEED A NATIONAL FAST FROM CONSUMERISM !! If you want to literally do a FAST from eating- that is your choice- Make sure Congress knows you are also calling for NATIONAL CONSUMER FAST asap – AND A NATIONAL STRIKE !! this is the perfect opportunity to grow the movement !!!!

    They dont care if we don’t eat, they care if we dont BUY FOOD, GAS, and products that make these corporations money !!! THEY CARE ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET CRASHING ANOTHER 300 POINTS TODAY !!!


  5. Spot on regarding “The Market” The situation reminds me of the old “Humpty Dumpty” rhyme. We could edit one of the lines a bit to read: “All of the King’s money and all of the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again…”

    It appears that the boys on the “street” are getting a bit desperate in having to resort to bailing out their own buddies. They are afraid, yes, and as the prior writer has said: they do not care a whit about the little people, just that they can continue on with their confidence games and to keep collecting their 6-7 figure salaries and bonuses.

    This crew is joined to congress like barnacles on a ship’s hull. The chances of impeaching anyone in this environment are slim to none.

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