Justin Raimondo

Obama and the War Party


Antiwar.com’s editorial director Justin Raimondo discusses his assessment of Barack Obama as not-so-bad, the War Party and the media’s targeting of Obama with guilt by association for his controversial minister while ignoring John McCain’s embrace of minister John Hagee,  McCain’s conflating of Iran with Osama and irrational militarism, the legacy of the Old Right and the new and how best to fight al Qaeda.

MP3 here. (37:26)

Justin Raimondo is the editorial director of Antiwar.com. He is the author of An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard (Prometheus Books, 2000). He is also the author of Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement (with an Introduction by Patrick J. Buchanan), (Center for Libertarian Studies, 1993), and Into the Bosnian Quagmire: The Case Against U.S. Intervention in the Balkans (1996).

He is a contributing editor for The American Conservative, a Senior Fellow at the Randolph Bourne Institute, and an Adjunct Scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and writes frequently for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

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  1. For me, this mp3 abruptly terminates after 6:25 of the alleged 37:26 min despite repeated downloads. James Bovard mp3 is curtailed too.

    At 01:23 Justine says: People who want to change our forigen policies
    have two choices: its either John McCain or Obama.”

    There is a thrid choice, Justin, (aside from the war witch). Revolution. What does it take for you to call for one?

  2. If you’re expecting some Revolutionary, Malcolm X like character to get any kind of party nomination–forget about it. You need to play the system to get there, with a universal appeal. I voted for Paul in the NH primary, now I will vote for Obama in the general election!

  3. Justin2008 loves Obama. But Justin2006 hated him. Here are some of Justin2006’s words on Obama:


    I’m not sure what has motivated Justin’s love affair with Obama. Obama has went from villain to saint instantly, and there is no reasonable explanation.

    I agree that McCain basically does have the nomination sewn up. I will be voting Libertarian again. I only vote for sincere anti-war candidates.

    Personally, I hope that Obama does win. Then, all of his suckers will know what a phony anti-war candidate looks like. Perhaps, they will then support the real thing in 2012.

  4. Great show. Particularly the second half of it. As you both said conservatives panic about these things (licentiousness/social breakdown, Islamic Europe) and you at least have to address their concerns to get them to see your pov. Which you did.

    I think you should also do a show on why Alistair Horne/ Angelina Jolie are wrong and why pulling out now is the right thing to do. Other than that it will stop war with Iran as the major reason to get out now I do think it will be a terrible bloodbath and it seems very irresponsible to withdraw now. I just think it probably will be in 5 years too. There is no good outcome. I am sure you saw that excellent Iraqi-made documentary on youtube (mayhem and death in a Baghdad hospital) about the violence – and at the end he says “And all the Iraqis I ask say the US must stay to provide some order”. Hasn’t he got a point?

  5. “If you’re expecting some Revolutionary, Malcolm X like character to get any kind of party nomination–forget about it. You need to play the system to get there”

    Get where? Will Obama arrest Bush for warcrimes? Will voting Obama primaries stop Bush attacking Iran before November or killing thousands more in Iraq? Playing the system yields system outcomes – what about the Democrat performance in Congress makes you think the “system” can deliver?

    If you consider the Constitition endangered by the the Administration your constititional option is revolt. What’s it gonna take for you to even discuss it
    as a “choice”?

    I’m curious just what this Adminstration would have to do before Justin

  6. Stop calling for revolts, my fellow anti-statists. When the Framers called revolt an option, they didn’t have to worry about smart-bombs dropping in their back yards if they said the wrong thing in a chat room. The experiment died with Adams. Our children will speak Mandarin. Worse things could happen.

  7. “When the Framers called revolt an option, they didn’t have to worry about smart-bombs dropping in their back yards if they said the wrong thing in a chat room.”

    Perhaps the State bombing some US residences to “take out” a “suspected militant” is what is needed to finally stir the US sheeple. Bombing foreigners ain’t gonna do it. Revolution is a constitutional option but most so-called “libertarians” are still too timid to even *mention* it, prefering to document and rail against the woeful indaequacies of a power system they dutifully serve nonetheless.
    Whats it gonna take before you people start talking revolt? Nuking Iran? Gassings at Gitmo? What?

  8. yikes, sounds like justin is drinking the kool-aid.

    obama just wants to be king of the u.s. empire. listen to him talk about israel/palestine, colombia/venezuela, the fake u.s. war on terror, etc.

    i hope you snap out of it, justin, you’ve done some good stuff in the past.

  9. You are stabbing my heart Justin.
    How can you “cheer for a Zionist”?

    We already have two prowar candidates. No matter who wins, both Hilary and Obama are pro-war. Justin you are setting up a false paragdim. McCain is not going to win the presidentcy. Obama is ready to bomb Iran. He is a AIPAC shill. H e supported the invasion of Lebanon. He supports the invasion of Gaza, but you think he will talk to Iran. Robert Kagan is supporting Obama and Kaga is a co-founder of PNAC. There is no difference between the neocons and Obama. Israel will start a conflict with Iran and Syria before Bush is out of office. Obama could attack whoever he wanted and his base would follow them. Democrats are just a sheep like as Republicans.

  10. “McCain is not going to win the presidentcy.”

    McCain doesn’t need to win. Just get it to the Supreme Court. If the Dems alienate the remaining black franchised by booting Obama, the tinkered tally will be close enough to steal the Presidency. Again.

  11. On and on in the news Senator Obama has been getting hounded because of some things his pastor has sadi in the past. Obama’s defenders have tried to excuse Obama’s pastor by simply pointing to McCain’s and saying “well his is worse.” It seems to be the excuse for everything. (lessor fo two evils) I’m tired of it

    It does not matter, this guilt by association is needless. Obama is a Zionist. That makes him and his religious views, racist and insane all on their own. Frankly I like his pastor better than I do him. I mean who cares what some religious nut says when the politicians themselves have said crazy things?
    McCain is certifiable, I mean the 5 foot 4 song bird wants 100 years of war. Enough said.
    But both Obama and Hillary voted to give Bush money for the war and they both voted to reinstate the Patriot act. Shillary is a AIPAC pandering Zionst warmonger as is Obomba and Mc-Insane. Obama and Hillary have both talked about intervention in Africa, Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon.

    This focus on Obama’s pastor is saving him the same way Bill lintons blow job saved him by shifting the focus away from him selling nuclear secrets to China, pardoning Mossad agents, starting a war, and having Vince Foster murdered..

    They are playing to the anti-war crowd, because they half to, but like Bush in 2000 they will turn around and do what they want as soon as they are in office and it will match their current records they have in office right now. More money for more War, and a 100% anti-civil liberty stance. You have to judge them by what they DO and not just what they SAY.

    Of anything should be discussed about pastors and preachers it should be how fringe kooks like Hagee are perverting their professed religion. Hagee is an anti-Catholic bigot. Nothing is more damagingl to Christianity, and normal Christian practitioners than the loopy self ingrandizing, Cotton Mather worthy 16th century, minded fundeMENTAList zionist “pastors” and “reverens” like John (GETV) Hagee and Pat (Diamond minds) Roberston.

    These guys have no place in politics whatsoever. Separation of Church and Sate, helps both the state and the church. When you let the MIC media choose then the craziest of the crazy will always be elevated to the top via the TV. Thus the televangelists phenomenon we have today.

    The only man in government we can rally behind, presidential bid or not, is Ron Paul. People may have forgotten, but the president is not the king of America. We were designed with the legislative branch granted the greatest power of the three branches. Paul won his election for Congress again with 70% of the vote. That is is sending a strong signal to the rest of the goons. The presidential race is pretty much done and lost. The focus of the liberty movement needs to be on the congress. Let’s clean up congress in 2008. Ron Paul supported and Anti-Neocons endorsed candidates are listed on anti-neocons.com Left the two party hack argue over whose preacher said what. It is not worth our time. The fact that it is on the MSM and they want it to be your focus should give you enough of a red flag to ignore it.

  12. I was a little disappointed in Justin Raimondo’s ramblings here. Some of his salient points may just have been lost in his stammering around. I read his articles all the time, and I even agree with him on Obama -in terms of what real choice do we have with Ron Paul out of the race for all practical purposes. However, he didn’t come through as very knowledgeable or thoughtful on the subject nor was he very convincing that Libertarians should vote for Obama. He didn’t even address Obama’s brilliant speech on race and the defending of his pastor’s right to speak delivered on 3/18. All the “you knows…” and stammering around put me off this time. I love listening to Gareth Porter and Lew Rockwell. They really present their analyses quite cogently. I also appreciate Scott Horton’s thoughtful questions and input.

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