Matthew Cole

Killing Ourselves in Afghanistan


Freelance reporter Matthew Cole discusses America’s schizophrenic policy in effect backing both sides of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the ethnic and tribal makeup of the region, the American-created state’s lack of anything to offer the population as a counter to the insurgents, the local information problem and the inability of the American government to plan for long term nation building, the splits within the factions and policies in Pakistan’s ISI and military, the counterproductive nature of U.S. support for Musharraf and Karzai and the problem of getting at the remnants of the Arab-Afghan army in the Hindu Kush Mountains.

MP3 here. (42:42)

Matthew Cole is freelance reporter who has written for the New York Observer, Wired, GQ and

3 thoughts on “Matthew Cole”

  1. Much ado about nothing… The main reason America is over there is to provide a counter against Russian and Chinese power. Think of those “enduring” bases in Iraq, they want a friendly (puppet) government and a foothold in the region. And then there are natural gas pipelines and DRUGS to consider. Do you see the government working to improve the roads and bridges in America? Additionally, look at the quality of “education & jobs” for average Americans. Does anyone actually think that the US powers that be care anything about average Pakistanis and Afghanis? To answer that question look at what we have done to the citizenry of Iraq. The bottom line is that we do not belong over there meddling in their affairs. This guy is pro intervention and clueless…

  2. 8Ball sounds right as rain to me except that while Americans long ago gave up their constitutional expectation of improved roads and bridges, much less ‘education and jobs’, as the benefits of their taxation, the occupation of Afghanistan very much has been sold as a huge improvement in its people’s lives. I think this author is less ‘clueless’ than working a seam in the government’s propaganda defense. Hold their feet to the fire of how they’re actually helping the society there and they lose the presumption of justification for the occupation. Great post, though, Pocketed1!

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