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So Wrong for So Long


Greg Mitchell, editor of Editor and Publisher and author of So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits – and the President – Failed on Iraq, discusses some of the many shameful failures of the American media since 2002, the lies they’ve sold and major stories they’ve refused to cover.

MP3 here. (43:28)

Greg Mitchell is the author of six nonfiction books. His articles – including many on baseball – have appeared in New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, TV Guide, Mother Jones, Sport magazine, Quest, and other publications. Mitchell was a senior editor at Crawdaddy for many years. He lives in Nyack, New York.

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  1. Discussion devoid of WHY media has acted the way they have. What forces or should I say lobbying groups(AIPAC?)/corporate interests (military contractors?) are behind the media’s push for War. There are plenty examples of how they have behaved; but what’s the root cause of this behavior? It can’t just be that reporters are lazy. I don’t buy that. There has to be forces behind the scenes controlling the message, right? Now, that type of analysis would be truly interesting. I’m guessing that not too many people would want to “go there” for fear of what they may find.

  2. I wouldn’t doubt that there may be some special interests involved, but even more is that most in the MSM agree the premise that America should be a “World Leader” (military presence all over the world and constant intervention). If you look at the reaction to Ron Paul you can see that most MSM reporters were genuinely in shock, shock, over his platform of non-interventionism. They literally stumbled over themselves about it and could only equate it to isolationism, the reason they believe Hitler was able to gain power and, of course, history would repeat itself if we became isolationist again.

  3. A really interesting interview covering many diverse questions.
    Another and perhaps the most important question that was almost never discussed by the media was the “Preemptive War” policy. It is this policy that allows intervention anywhere, anytime for reasons real or fabricated and that can now be invoked by the executive at will. This policy, publicly announced, then put into action was hardly mentioned by the press; only the mismanagement of the invasion of Iraq seems worthy of interest. One can only cringe at the thought of what further extensions would have occurred if the delusional fantasies of Cheney & Co. had materialized.

    Congress has so renounced its prerogatives as to be non existent even in the face of an immensely unpopular president

  4. I wasn’t really satisfied with some of the answers to Scott’s questions. I mean WHY is quality of mainstream media so appalling? Who is promoting these third-rate journalists/editorialists?
    There’s more to it than just laziness on behalf of the reporters…

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