Michael Kirk

Bush’s War


Michael Kirk, award winning producer for PBS Frontline, discusses his new documentary “Bush’s War,” the struggle within the administration over the policy of whether and how to aggressively invade and occupy Iraq, the dominance of Dick Cheney over the will of Bush, the personal splits between Powell, Armitage, Tenet, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc. and I. Lewis Libby’s intimidation of the departments to come up with some lies to make Cheney’s lies about Mohammed Atta’s imaginary meeting with Iraqi intelligence seem true.

MP3 here. (17:05)

Michael Kirk, a former Nieman Fellow in Journalism at Harvard, was Frontline’s senior producer from 1983 to 1987, and has produced more than 100 national television programs.

4 thoughts on “Michael Kirk”

  1. …More than 100 National TV Documentaries? Yeah?…Well…Hell…Then he should take it upon himself to produce one about the malefactions of AIPAC, and the undue influence of Israeli interests on US Foreign Policy…Perhaps even an at length interview with “unpersons” in the form of Professors Walt and Mearsheimer might be in order… or at least productive? I mean…it couldn’t hurt?

  2. Good Morning, Charles & Michael

    Yes, i did watch the documentary “Bush’s War,” it was very informative, but more should have been discussed about current situation in Irag 07 to present and where this mess is headed. Also, relation of military complex and how war effecting our economy for worse not better. I mean this is only the tip of the iceberg. But I enjoy it nevertheless.

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