Alan Bock

The Means Determine the Ends


Alan Bock, senior editorial writer at the Orange County Register and author of the regular column “Eye on the Empire” for, discusses the media sycophants who got it wrong, why we got it right, the military’s resistance to Cheney’s war with Iran, how Somalia was before the American-Ethiopia invasion, the case against the central state, the counterproductive and unwinnable “war on terror,” John McCain’s militarist mindset, and the bogus excuses for staying in Iraq and the personal cowardice of the AEI crowd.

MP3 here. (40:38)

Alan Bock is Senior Essayist at the Orange County Register. He is the author of Ambush at Ruby Ridge (Putnam-Berkley, 1995). He is also author of the new book Waiting to Inhale: The Politics of Medical Marijuana (Seven Locks Press). His exclusive column appears every Tuesday on

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  1. I can imagine John McCain trying to expand Nato eastwards (if that is still possible in 2009), southwards, northwards and upwards, then “flying off the handle” if Putin hands out the tritium to pre-heat the nukes. That’s going to come over really well.

    Now lighting votive candle.

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