Charles Goyette

Empire is Expensive


Charles Goyette and Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio discuss the use of the pejorative “conspiracy theorist,” to shut down debate of controversial issues, the continuing danger of war with Iran, the Federal Reserve Board’s war against the American people, their total lack of accountability, vast new power grab over ever larger sectors of the economy, the (un)willingness of most Americans to face up to the truth of the corruption in DC, the danger that when the economy really gets bad, the state will gain even more power and the story of his persecution by Clear Channel for doing the right thing.

MP3 here. (40:07)

Charles Goyette is the award winning morning drive-time host on KFNX 1100 AM in Phoenix, AZ and regular contributor to Antiwar Radio.

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  1. Per some of your comments in this segment on “too big to fail” bailouts:

    When you owe 100 thousand dollars and can’t pay it back, it’s your problem. When you owe 100 million dollars and can’t pay it back, it’s the bank’s problem.

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