Bruce Falconer

Shining a Light on Blackwater


Bruce Falconer, Washington correspondent for Mother Jones magazine, discusses Eric Prince’s Blackwater mercenary force, the history of the company, their ties to the GOP, their work for the State Department in Iraq, the important role played by the Blackwater subsidiary Greystone in recruiting from third world countries, their vast capabilities, including helicopters, airlines, troop ships, intelligence agencies, the military’s increasing dependence on them, their move into the African “market” and the legal loopholes that provide them de facto immunity from the law.

MP3 here. (38:36)

Bruce Falconer is a reporter in Mother Jones‘ Washington bureau, where much of his work has focused on military contracting and the Iraq War. Originally from Chicago, he has also worked as a grocer, a cashier, a parking lot attendant, a middle school janitor, and an editor at the Atlantic Monthly.

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  1. An interesting interview. Bringing up how much the American employees of Blackwater make reminds me of something that great “libertarian” Neal Boortz said one time prior to the recruitment of third world nationals. He wouldn’t call this fascism for a NY minute. A caller brought up the numerous compliants concerning the lack of discipline about Blackwater, including one from an assistant divisional commander for one of the army divisions in Iraq. Boortz’s comment was to blow off the complaint and say “It’s capitalism and look at all the money the taxpayers are saving!” apparently not knowing the difference in pay between what US military personel make and these mercenaries. These idiots on neocon talk radio really need to leave their broadcast booths more often and find out what is really going on.

  2. The former inspector general Schmitz (of the child rapist family which is married to the Bushs through Jeb) did not investigate obvious profiteering rings involving Blackwater and now after leaving his position he has become an executive for Blackwater.

    Jeremy Scahill’s book Blackwater rise of the most powerful Mercenary Army is excellent. You should have him on as well. It gets all into these Christian supremacists and the privatization of the military in general.

    here is a lot on it

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