Philip Giraldi

Iran Supports, Not Opposes, Iraqi Govt.


Philip Giraldi, former DIA and CIA officer and columnist for, discusses the administration’s renewed line that Iranian-controlled “special groups” of the Mahdi Army are at war with the U.S. in Iraq, Sadr and Badr’s relative ties to Iran, Iranian objectives in Iraq, indications that Cheney ordered Maliki to attack Sadr’s forces last week and his again waxing influence in the administration, the continuing influence of the neconservatives at AEI on Iran policy and danger that they may still start a war before the current presidential term is up, former CentCom commander Fallon’s thwarted attempt to set up a “red phone”-type hotline with the Iranians to diffuse any tensions, the danger to U.S. troops in Iraq in the event of war with Iran and Ayman al-Zawahiri’s stated goal of provoking such a war and the case for immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

MP3 here. (24:19)

Philip Giraldi is a former DIA and CIA officer, partner at Cannistraro Associates, Francis Walsingham Fellow for the American Conservative Defense Alliance, contributing editor at the American Conservative magazine and columnist at

2 thoughts on “Philip Giraldi”

  1. Scott, your show is almost always informative. But I’m wondering why you affectionately refer to U.S. soldiers as “our guys” while at the same time you rightly denounce U.S. imperialism? Is it because you “support the warriors but not the war”? If so, do you “support the rapist but not the rape”? And do you support other people around the world who sign up to kill people – or do you just support Americans who do such a thing?

    I really do like your show, I’m just disappointed by antiwar voices who send conflicting messages.

  2. I see them as my neighbors’ kids who don’t know much but what they are told – and not the source of the problem.

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