Glenn Greenwald

Great American Liars and Criminals


Glenn Greenwald, civil libertarian, blogger and author, discusses the themes in his new book Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics, conservatives’ bogus anti-government rhetoric as they preside over the biggest growth of government ever, their contempt for the Constitution they claim to venerate as they consolidate all power constitutional and otherwise in the presidency, the legacy of William F. Buckley in destroying what was once conservatism with the ex-communism of the neoconservatives, the cowardice of the War Party’s leaders, the parallels between the media’s love for Bush in 2000 and for McCain today, the shallowness and self-serving narcissism of American media figures, Attorney General Mukasey’s lies about what the law says and does and fictional versions of phone calls between terrorists before 9/11 in order to justify further expansions of power over us. (Warning: Bill Hicks clip at the end includes bad language.)

MP3 here. (45:29)

Glenn Greenwald was previously a constitutional law and civil rights litigator in New York. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling books How Would a Patriot Act? and A Tragic Legacy. His brand new one is Great American Hypocrites.

11 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald”

  1. Thank You Scott and Thank You Glenn,
    Had it not been for Ron Paul, and him helping to clear the sleep-induced crud from my eyes, I probably would have never visited or read any of Greenwald’s excellent work. I still consider myself a Conservative, but Glenn’s points are very well-taken. The name ‘consevative’ has almost ceased to have any objective meaning. I had always thought it best defined as the ‘conservative, judicious use of gov’t authority.’ Now, the GOP wields power in neither a conservative nor a judicious manner.
    Fortunately, now I try to look for the truth, regardless of its source, whether it be from Rockwell, or Greenwald, or the Wall Street Journal.
    Thanks again. Peace be with y’all.

  2. now I try to look for the truth, regardless of its source, whether it be from Rockwell, or Greenwald, or the Wall Street Journal.

    That’s the right attitude.

    You’re welcome and thank you too.

  3. “feminine cowardice”? “girly men” who enjoy sending other people off to war?

    surely you can think of another, more accurate, way to describe weak men? the misogyny of the neo-cons is not something we need to emulate.

  4. Go Girl…

    The crux of the issue here is whether or not we will keep funding the empire with our “tribute” (taxes) while continuing this endless, nonsensical, diatribe…

    The founders of the nation had enough sense to know when it was time to quit BS’ng and to pick up the muskets. This bit of common sense seems to have been lost over time.

    The truth is that the “government” does not give a rip about the hopes and dreams of the average American and what they have to say. They are too busy killing Iraqis, Afghanis and Africans in order to “Free” them… And lining their pockets with special interest $$$.

  5. Fascinating. Couldn’t you two figure out a way to do a weekly program? Everything else on the TeeVee is positively pathetic in comparison. Your voices are essential. I’m grateful for your blog at Salon, Glenn. Thanks for the past year at No Comment, Scott. Wish there were two of you, so those of us addicted to No Comment could have it for another year. Well done, gentlemen.

  6. bystander: You can continue to follow Scott Horton of No Comment at Jack Balkin’s blog, or at least it appears he’ll be posting there occasionally. Continuing to follow Scott Horton of AntiWar Radio, of course, you can do here.

    I’m actually glad there ARE two Scott Hortons, given the high quality of each, and have labeled them Scott 1 and Scott 2 in my bookmarks. And no, I’m not gonna tell you which one is #1… 8^)

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