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GOP Hypocrites


Glenn Greenwald, a former American attorney and current political and legal blogger, discusses his new book, Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics, the Republican party’s lack of fiscal discipline, the growth of the surveillance state and government power, the exploitation of fear, hypocrisy of the Republicans on family values, Senator John McCain’s hypocrisy on security issues, the rule of law and takes questions from listeners.

MP3 here. (21:48)

Glenn Greenwald is a former attorney and current political and legal blogger and columnist at He is the author of How Would a Patriot Act? and A Tragic Legacy both New York Times bestsellers.

4 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald”

  1. Thank you for turning me on to Gleen Greenwald’s work. While I am by no means a leftist, I certainly appreciate Greenwald’s critique of the party I have long called my own. The GOP has completely left the reservation by abandoning the mantle of limited government, and needs a serious dose of humility and introspection.

    Peace be with you.

  2. One tiny correction: I would remind Glenn that, in addition to Romney, Ron Paul and his lovely wife have certainly kept their one and only marriage together–51 years and counting!

  3. According to Dr Bob Bowman, former chief of US Air Force Missile Defense, missile defense is the missing link to a First Strike. Dr Bob Bowman thinks missiles in Poland will be very useful to shoot down any surviving missiles AFTER a First Strike. Therefore the Russians will implement Launch On Warning. The terrible consequences of a mistake will be caused by the stupid Pentagon. Dr Bob Bowman agrees that the Pentagon (McCain?) will get disarming first-strike capability by 2011/12. Acc. to former Trident missile engineer Bob US Navy can track and destroy all enemy subs simultaneously. The main danger is Russian Launch On Warning because of US First-Strike Capability. Please read Keir Lieber and Daryl Press, “The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy”, 2006 March/April issue of Foreign Affairs. By 2011/12 the Pentagon will have achieved that the Russians have no choice but Launch On Warning. “Bloody fools in the Pentagon”, as Brigadier Harbottle stated.

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