Pamela Schwartz

Empire: Welfare for Rich People


Pamela Schwartz, communications director from the National Priorities Project, discusses the outrageous amounts of military spending while spending on domestic priorities and international diplomacy are neglected, the mission of the National Priorities Project and its impact on discussing the federal budget, the promise of the expansion of military spending by the major presidential candidates, the scandal of corporate welfare, and the complexity of the tax code.

MP3 here. (6:20)

Pamela Schwartz is the communications director of the National Priorities Project.The National Priorities Project is a research organization that clarifies the federal budget process and data so that people can understand and influence how tax dollars are spent.The National Priorities Project is located in Northhampton, Massachusetts.

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  1. Ms. Schwartz, I appreciate your emphasis on the horrific military spending, and surely agree that not only is that money wasted, but that it actually causes us to only get more entangled and mired in future horrors. If there was a button I could push to cut the US Government’s military spending in half (or even reduce it to ZERO), I’d do it.

    However, I share Mr. Goyette’s skepticism on the efficacy of Government as a whole. I fear that you can’t give ANY money to government and not expect them to waste the vast bulk of it on military horrors, any more than you can give money to an addict and expect him not to try to spend it upon drugs. As General Smedley Butler told us decades ago, War is a Racket. Government is too.

    Mr Goyette, Thank you very much for posting your interviews online, as someone who lives outside your coverage area, I always look for your recordings on


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