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Philip Giraldi, former DIA and CIA officer and columnist for, discusses his scoop for the American Conservative magazine that the information leading the FBI to Ben Ami Kadish came from inside the Israeli government, speculation that it may have been an attempt by antiwar factions in Israel to thwart scheduled testimony by Israeli intelligence agents in favor of the bogus story of the North Korea/Syria nuclear weapons program, the promotion of Gen. Petraeus to commander of Centcom, the remaining danger of war with Iran given a suitable pretext, the detriment of the narrative of the indivisibility of Israeli and American interests, the natural divisions between groups like Hezbollah, al Qaeda, the Iranian Mullahs, the War Party’s claims about their cooperation, the FBI’s bogus terrorism prosecutions since 9/11, America’s regime change in Somalia, the case for immediate withdrawal from Iraq and the McCain prescription for confrontation with Russia and China.

MP3 here. (39:51)

Philip Giraldi is a former DIA and CIA officer, partner at Cannistraro Associates, Francis Walsingham Fellow for the American Conservative Defense Alliance, contributing editor at the American Conservative magazine and columnist at

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  1. According to Dr Bob Bowman, former chief of US Air Force Missile Defense, missile defense is the missing link to a First Strike. Dr Bob Bowman thinks that missiles in Poland will be very useful to shoot down any surviving Russian missiles AFTER a First Strike. Therefore the Russians will implement Launch On Warning. The terrible consequences of a mistake will be caused by the stupid Pentagon. Dr Bob Bowman agrees that the Pentagon (McCain?) will get disarming first-strike capability by 2011/12. Acc. to former Trident missile engineer Bob US Navy can track and destroy all enemy subs simultaneously. The main danger is Russian Launch On Warning because of US First-Strike Capability. Please read Keir Lieber and Daryl Press, “The Rise of US Nuclear Primacy”, 2006 March/April issue of Foreign Affairs. By 2011/12 the Pentagon will have achieved that the Russians have no choice but Launch On Warning. “Bloody fools in the Pentagon”, as Brigadier Harbottle stated.

  2. Wasn’t Brigadier Harbottle one of J. T. Toad’s buddies in “The Wind in The Willows”?

    Seriously, Claus-Erik, most people who frequent are aware that the people who dictate and shape Western foreign policy are, for the most part, delusional madmen who are motivated primarily by greed and paranoia.

    Many people are becoming increasingly aware that we are reaching the physical limits in many worldly arenas. Creative finance, (making money out of thin air) natural resources, clean air, food, water, etc. The world is a finite place and we can only consume its resources and abuse its people with abandon for just so long… The Western politcal bloc appears to want to insure its future survival and claim to whatever it may be so they are, as they have always been, establishing their empire around the globe and using military force to do so. Iraq is just the latest of these adventures and Iran appears to be the next target in their sights. The “missile defense” that you post about endlessly is nothing more than insurance for that day when other nations finally tire of Western exploitation. Rather than suffer retreat or defeat they are planning for mutually assured destruction. MAD indeed…

    My own opinion is that if the US can spend (waste) 3-5$T on some stupid adventure in the Middle East, killing 100’s of thousands and deystroying their country in the process then they could easily designate 1$T toward the development of fuel cell and battery technology. If they were to split the trillion$ between MIT, Stanford and Cal Tech I suspect that we would all be driving electric vehicles in a short period of time. But why make a serious attempt to conserve fossil resources when we can just invade other countries and steal theirs?

    For a good treatise on how humans need to modify their overall approach to the way they live see: Faustian Economics by Wendell Berry. It is over at the Harper’s Magazine website (MAY issue) but you have to be a subscriber. It may be posted elsewhere on the web.

  3. Dr Bob Bowman agrees with me that this message must be posted at least 117 times everywhere in order that people may begin to understand the problem and take some action to prevent our current suicidal course. And you don´t understand the problem yet. Missile defense in Poland is not some kind of insurance but part of a US disarming first-strike capability. You fail to understand that the US has been working to get a disarming first-strike capability for decades. And when they finally get it (or think they have got it-it never works according to plan) by 2011/12, Russia will feel that they have no other way of defending themselves but implementing Launch On Warning. This means that nuclear war may happen because a Russian computer doesn´t work. The point is that the Pentagon´s aggressive pursuit of a first-strike capabikity probably will lead to Russian LOW.
    We may die from a Russian computer-malfunction because of US Nuclear Primacy.

  4. Scott Horton:

    In line with comments here from Scott and Mr. Geraldi regarding the misconceived “terrorism” trials, lt us not forget the case of Sami Al-Arian, who actually raised funds for George W Bush and supported him in the 2000 election. This former profesor of Computer Science in FL has been mistreated as badly as anyone in this bogus War on Terror.

    Scott, please pick up on his story at


    Sami al-Arian’s story is also interesting as part of the general corruption and abuse in the justice department that you have been tracking in your interviews with “The Other Scott Horton,” your namesake at Harper’s. The US attorney in Virginia has been particularly abusive in his handling of the case.

    Impeach them all while they still have their fists in the honeypot!

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