Scott Horton Interviews Bruce Gagnon

Scott Horton, April 29, 2008

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Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, discusses the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being spent to weaponize space, the 1997 blueprint to control space, “Vision 2020,” how the corporations are our overlords and control society, the proposed mining of Mars by Halliburton, how the military will control who can or can’t travel in space, the economic fascism of socializing costs while privatizing profits, how “Operation Paper Clip” brought 1500 top Nazis to America to start our space program; the CIA; and the MK Ultra mind control experiments, how the Downlink Listening Stations, controlled by STRATCOM, spy on Americans, the danger of the United Command, the future war between the U.S. and China for the world’s resources, the arms race that America has caused by threatening China and Russia, how the “economic draft” will supply endless soldiers for endless war, Rods from God and the necessity of dismantling the military industrial complex.

MP3 here. (37:42)

Bruce Gagnon, a Young Republican turned peace activist during the Vietnam War, is director of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

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  1. “delusional madmen who are motivated primarily by greed and paranoia…”

    Looks like Claus-Erik and his friend Dr. Bob have it pretty much figured out.

  2. Scott’s getting sloppy in allowing people to determine the language of the debate.
    When people like Gagnon use phrases like “take out” I think that always and everywhere it should be corrected to what it really is: Murder.

  3. I’m a big fan of the show, but as it goes, so many antiwar activists are socialist or socialist-leaning. They can’t see how their own ideology creates these mass-murdering governments.

    Not to pick on this guy specifically, but I was motivated by this interview to write a blog entry on the topic. It’s called “Utopian Industrial Complex.” Click on my name to check it out.

  4. That comment about the Mars rovers being precursors of miners is, well, a bit premature. Even if the planet (or just our Moon!) was pure gold or platinum, mining it would not be profitable (not counting obvious fall of price of the metal). Commercial use of resources in space is still quite far in the future. It also won’t be profitable for a long time, so I can’t see how private companies can afford the risk (unless they’re mega-corporations).

    It is interesting to see how space tourism is finally gaining steam. However, there hasn’t been a single tourist flight so far, and the space jump done by SpaceShipOne are really just jumps, short sub-orbital flights. Real orbital flight à la space shuttle is much more challenging. I hope Rutan &co. overcome the challenges and we see true commercial spaceflight really soon. Demand up, costs down and stars, here we come.

    As an unrepentant socialist I would like governments to do their job on this issue (meaning state-led space exploration), but since there’s no political will, they won’t do anything.

    I’m a big fan of the show, but as it goes, so many antiwar activists are socialist or socialist-leaning. They can’t see how their own ideology creates these mass-murdering governments.

    I understand well the libertarian antipathy towards governments. However, a truly minarchist libertarian utopia would about as free as the Soviet workers’ utopia during Stalin’s regime. How on earth libertarians think people who cannot afford basic healthcare and education can survive? Alms ain’t enough. I’m not talking about people who decide not to work, but elderly people, low-income/single parent families, students, people with health problems and so on. If you’re dependent on someone’s goodwill, you’re not free.

    Not to mention laissez-faire capitalism where companies operate without control. If they’re left doing whatever they like they will do whatever they like in order to increase profits. That leads to a catastrophe, as is already well demonstrated countless times. Forget consumer’s control, he’s not the king if he’s oblivious what’s going on. And too many of them see only the price tag.

    IMO total control or no control are both bad. The truth lies somewhere in the between, the magic word being accountability.

    But enough of this.’s mission to unite antiwar people across the political spectrum is admirable, and in fact it is the only way antiwar movement can hope to success in the struggle against warmongers.

    When people like Gagnon use phrases like “take out” I think that always and everywhere it should be corrected to what it really is: Murder.

    You hit the nail on the head. Enough of euphemisms and censorshiplike political correctness. Call things with their true names.

  5. Man what a great Star Wars quote to end with. Another great interview by Scott Horton.

    “Winning hearts and minds”

  6. What a hack propaganda piece this “Arsenal of Hypocrisy” is.

    Just as the female voice over says “… true purpose of the space program” they cut to a video of a house being blown up.

    They might as well claim the true purpose of aircraft for dropping atom bombs.
    They might as well claim the true purpose of the internet is preserving a second strike capability.. for nuclear war.

    Any new technology with significant military implications also gets used by the military. Public policy choices address the question of when to exercise military force. The ‘how’ is always a function of the permanent bureaucracy and private companies serving them.

    The producers of the film imagine that public democratic pressure can be raised to prevent militarization of space. That’s ludicrous. The best chance for opposing this is in uniting citizens against the theft of their property (or labor for you lefties) by the government. In a free society, people would pay insurers for protection, which in turn would contract-out defense services. This, and not a monopoly of force that is the State, is how to provide defense and prevent offense.

  7. Nice song choice there Scott.

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  9. As long as the people who run this country think like Mossad Tim there’s no hope..

  10. And the difference btwn Israel and the Saudis? 1. The Saudis have always been there..2. The Khazarian Jewish converts of SW Russia ( 740 circa 740 A.D. ) were never in Palestine and are not even Middle Eastern people….3. The despicable Zionist movement began in the late 19th century-long before the horrible events of WW II..4. What happened in Europe was not the fault of the Palestinian people and did nothing to deserve having their land stolen from them..Not to mention being massacred…5. The Soviet Union was largely created by Bolshevik Jews who then proceeded to run the gulags and the Secret Police ( NKVD ) and they killed 20 million people before Hitler built his first camp..Why no tears for them? Why doesn’t Spielberg make a movie about all the people who died “working” ( dieing ) on the White Sea Canal Project? 6. Because slaughtered goyim don’t count?

  11. It’s your hypocrisy that’s make it so hard to take you seriously..The Orthodox Christian Serbs have to go easy on the gun/drug running, assassinating Albanian Muslims in Kosovo..The Catholic Croatians have to use kid gloves on the Bosnian Muslims…The Russians have to go easy on the Muslim Chechnyans ( though they certainly have legit grievances ) ..But the Talmudic, Pharasaical Zionists can brutalize the Christian and Mulsim arabs whose only crime is to be in their way…That’s the hypocrisy of the modern world and someday you people are going to choke on your pride, your racial narcissism and your hypocrisy..

  12. If someone who looks like Ariel Sharon is not a descendant of the Khazars I’ll eat my Panama hat..

  13. Don’t worry, you don’t have to “moderate” me anymore-I’ll refrain from insulting your sexual orientation(s)..

  14. What the hell are you talking about?

  15. Well I had to answer Mossad Tim somewhere…Sorry if that was disorienting..

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