Gareth Porter

Mahdi Army, Then Iran


Gareth Porter, independent historian and journalist, discusses the war party’s many excuses to justify attacking Iran, how Cheney has been delayed in the attack by Sadr’s ability to strike at Americans in Iraq in response, Cheney’s successful gambit of trapping Rice and Gates into agreeing that the Mahdi Army must be defeated, how Admiral Fallon lost the fight with General Petraeus and his job because he wanted to bring most troops home by 2009 and how the U.S. military has it’s hands full by fighting against the majority of the majority in the Mahdi Army.

MP3 here. (36:05)

Dr. Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist on U.S. national security policy who has been independent since a brief period of university teaching in the 1980s. Dr. Porter is the author of four books, the latest of which is Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam (University of California Press, 2005). He has written regularly for Inter Press Service on U.S. policy toward Iraq and Iran since 2005.

Dr. Porter was both a Vietnam specialist and an anti-war activist during the Vietnam War and was Co-Director of Indochina Resource Center in Washington. Dr. Porter taught international studies at City College of New York and American University. He was the first Academic Director for Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Washington Semester program at American University.

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  1. So let me get this straight:

    If I speculate that the Bush administration is plotting to commit the supreme international war crime by attacking Iran unprovoked, risking an all out war, massive casualties on the ground, sunken US Navy vessels, a confrontation with Russia, economic earthquakes caused by soaring oil prices, a general insurrection in Iraq, and general Armageddon in the Middle East, then I can be a respectable commentator.

    But if I speculate that the Bush Administration may have had a hand in destroying two buildings in Manhattan, I’m some kind of kook.

  2. It’s about freaking time to decapitate the dark, evil mullah regime in Iran. All fee and democratic people in Iran who despise this Islamic dictatorship want to see that happen.

    I say, Let’s roll, baby.

    Ben, STFU.

  3. Yup, some crazy Arabs who “hate us because we are free” managed to pilot a couple of jet liners into the WTC towers and then after burning for awhile both the buildings collapsed into nice, neat, piles. Nothing out of the ordinary here, folks, just move along and don’t question the party line on what happened…

    Like the OKC bombing, everything was scraped up and hauled away before anyone could check out the scene. I challange any engineering firm to build scale models of the buildings and try to duplicate what happened. Bet that they can’t…

  4. “both buildings”

    You mean three buildings, right?

    And yes, WTC7 did collapse into a nice, neat pile, check out the photos if you don’t believe it.

  5. Both towers collapsed but yes, there were three buildings. My apologies…

    I would rephrase my second to the last sentence in my prior post to read:“what supposedly happened”.

    How about a link to those photos?

  6. 6 1/2 years and you still have not one shred of evidence of bombs in any of the three buildings beyond “Sure looks like … to me.”

  7. Yes, Scott, there is no evidence of bombs as all the material from the site is long gone… And no independent investigators were ever allowed to look at it. How convenient, n’est-ce pas?

    While SH makes a point of interviewing a wide array of so-called “experts” and conjecturing over this and that it appears that he is an ostrich when it comes to the WTC issue. Instead of pooh-poohing everyone who questions the official party line on this subject he should get some experts on demolition and structural engineering to comment on the pictoral evidence that is available. And if he doubts the authenticity of the videos then get some video experts to analyze them and see if they were doctored.

    The real reason, I believe, is that the subject is verboten over at the establishment. Justin Raimondo has alluded to the fact that he is not allowed to say certain things on numerous occasions and has directed people to his writings on other sites.

    It increasingly appears that is just a lightning rod for the frustrations of those who are tired of the present system. The people that run it are not really serious about effecting any real change in the status quo… But they will be asking you for more of your $, be assured of that.

  8. I completely agree with the posts by Ben and 8Ball and thank you, 8Ball, for presenting a reason that does not approach 9/11 truth. It is so baffling that otherwise seemingly intelligent people are so entrenched in the official story of what happened on that day and seemingly not willing to spend the time to research it themselves. It is frustrating that Scott Horton seems to not have done that research and keeps plugging the official “conspiracy” story of 19 Arab hijackers.

  9. There have been numerous engineering studies of the WTC collapse. While a true scale model is too expensive and unnecessary, there have been partial scale models made for various aspects of the collapse – the fires for instance. Some graduate students made a scale model of a floor and showed that the office paper was actually the fuel that weakened the steel and caused the collapse. The impact of the planes merely ignited large amounts of combustibles within seconds, and weakened key parts of the steel structure by impact. (The exterior steel structure was structural) NIST has done an extensive study of the failure by examining the steel from key parts of the structure combined with computer models. I’ve seen a talk by NIST engineers where they showed the steel parts used in their analysis. It is pretty clear what happened. No one should be surprised that the buildings collapsed straight down into neat piles of debris, because that is how very tall buildings collapse. The force of gravity is downward, and most of the mass is in the concrete floors. There is very little sideways force. Conspiracy theories about 9-11 simply do not hold water. The only 9-11 conspiracy was Al Qaida’s.

  10. No steel structure has EVER collapsed because of fire…some have burned-and much more extensively-for up to 18 hrs…Traces of thermite-a high-tech explosive were found in the dust in the apts across fm the WTC..There were many vacant floors…Zim Israel, an Israeli shipping co. moved out just before..Odigo employees-Israeli softaware co.-recvd a text msg 2 hrs before warning them not to be anywhere near the WTC…The dancing Israelis videotaping 1st planes impact….The changing of the NORAD rules in May ’01 stating that a shootdown can no longer be ordered by the regional Air Force Generals but must go to the VP..The multiple war games on 9-11…Northern Vigilance-which sent fighters towards the Arctic Circle…The simulated high-jacking of 11 other planes on 9-11 was another wargame going on..Also, the Chem-Bio exercise in mid-town Manhattn which became the command ctr on 9-11 after Mayor Il Duce was warned ” the bldgs were going to come down and we were told that we had to leave the area”..He said that that afternoon and now denies it…WTC 7 was imploded at 5:20 and the BBC reprted it had come down at 5:00-with the bldg in the background! 2 of the hijackers ( or patsies ) were trained at a US Military base in Fla…The flt over PA. was the only one shot down-and the only one possibly re-taken by the passengers….No, there’s nothing unusual about the official version..

  11. Steel melts at 2700 F..and jet fuel will burn briefly at 1800 F..Because of the type of debris ( sheetrock, furn. concrete, alumin ) the fire probably burned at 1200-1300 F…A significant proportion of the fuel burned outside the bldgs…The exterior columns were exposed to the air on 3 sides and would have dissipated heat at a fast rate….The bldg’s collapse showed almost no resistance-like a controlled demolotion..I don’t have the or or or or a dozen others may help you..

  12. And what about WTC6? Shortly after WTC2 was hit there was a huge explosion that appears to emanate fm the ctr section of the bldg..Only later did the bldg catch on fire. It then burned for hrs at a very hot temp. and the fire was eventually put objective investig. would ask; a. what caused the bldg to explode before it caught on fire? b. After the ctr of the bldg had been blown apart, and it had experienced a prolonged and intense fire, why did this bldg not come down like WTC 1, 2 and 7?
    WTC was not reported to be on fire until 3 pm..5 hrs after WTC 1 and 2 had collapsed! These fires were relatively minor and had been burningfor less than 3 hrs when the whole thing came tumbling down at 5:25 pm…( The BBC reporter sd that it had just collapsed at 5:00-with the bldg still in the background-we have this on tape )..

  13. Have you seen pictures of the heavy, thick steel columns cut on a 45 degree angle with molten metal dripping down the side? Wrap wands of Thermite around steel columns and that’s exactly what will happen..And did I mention that Thermite was found in the apts across fm the WTC? Yes, I did…This was a Reichstag Fire and a Pearl Harbor ( read Day of Deceit by Thomas Fleming ) all rolled into one…This is the end game of the corrupt oligarchy that runs this country-and someday soon we probably won’t be allowed to point these things out..But I’ll still say them..If you’re not a servant of the Truth why keep waking up everyday?

  14. Everyone agrees that the official 9/11 story does not fit too well with observed facts. It’s just that we can’t always talk about it. does a great job providing us with essential information on the war. It’s unreasonable to demand that they repeat the 9/11 conspiracy stories that are so well discussed elsewhere.

    I like white bears, but I am not going to accuse of selling out to the oil industry just because they don’t put the bears on up front, together with Iran and Iraq.

  15. Hard to figure out why there is no real discussion of the Porter interview here and so much discussion of 911 “truth”.
    Is the current reality is too mundane or too threatening?
    Less than 3000 people died on 911.
    A general war in the Middle East could kill millions…….while you are back in 2001 trying to look the other way.

  16. You’re right Fosbach but it will keep coming back to that..GW Bush, shortly after 9-11, said ” and don’t listen to all the conspiracy theories about what happened on 9-11″…That should tell you to start listening because they obviously don’t want anything to obstruct the usefulness of their new Reichstag Fire…
    A larger war in the Middle East is inevitable BECAUSE of 9-11..So we have to talk about it..The occupation of Afghanistan was mostly about pipelines and military bases…and was planned before 9-11..A former UNOCAL employee was installed as president and the first order of business was a deal w/the Northern Alliance to build the pipeline to the Caspian Sea natural gas and oil fields that the Taliban had turned down…
    This larger war is coming…the only thing you can do is educate yourself, survive it and tell your grandkids what SOB’s the neo-cons were…

  17. 9/11 was and is the pretense for everything. This so-called reason has to be exposed for what it is really is. Shame on all of you who don’t think that 9/11 and these endless wars are not linked. Shame on that post that said the paper fires brought down the towers. Do the research yourselves; the “official” story is a sieve, so full of holes that absolutely no sense can be contained in it.

  18. Yeah Halliburton’s legion of 800 explosive experts placed tonnes of explosives in the building undetected using their high tech invisibility cloaks. Then their pilots flew the planes right into the sections of the buildings rigged to collapse from the explosives.

    But seriously, the idiocy of these people is shown by the widespread automatic acceptance of the fallacy that the buildings fell just like a “controlled demolition.” When buildings are blown up the bottom floor is set to give way first – not the 80.

    As for the idea that they fell too fast. When the initial floor failed the rest of the building become a ramrod weighing hundreds of thousands of tonnes. The kinetic energy would be plenty to make each successive floor give way instantaneously. These jackasses think the building was supposed to pause for a second at each floor. One doesn’t need to know physics to know this is rubbish – its obvious from universal experience. God you people are dumb.

  19. These conspiracy nuts think that day-of video snipets of people likening the collapse to a demolition are evidence. They were just describing it using the only comparable imagery they’ve been exposed to. This does not equal evidence that there were explosives in the buildings. If you want to prove something you need evidence. The Cui bono (who benefits)? stuff is fallacy.

  20. Yeah Maher, the US should decapitate Iran so Israel can feel warm and fuzzy. Maybe we should act in the best interest of the US instead of Israel for once.
    How the hell do we let AIPAC dictate our foreign policy? With the blessing of ignorant fools like yourself and the neo-cons in the WH.

  21. And Daniel, you miss the bigger point. The POINT is that there are many QUESTIONS that have never been answered. And ones that have been responded to were so lame and unbelievable that those who ask these questions aren’t satisfied. I don’t claim the govt did it, but knowing all that was on the line for the neo-cons and how this propelled all their foreign war ambitions to the forefront, it was just one helluva lucky break for them, eh??
    You may be right about WTC1, WTC2…but when a building falls from magic dust blown at it from the other towers that fell…..well, maybe you should have a question or 2 yourself. (oh, and by the way, yes they had the same owner, Larry Silverstein, another coincidence of course, who was on audiotape saying to ‘pull it’. Was he talking about his finger??)

  22. You’re talking about WTC 7 and saying that the explanation for its collapse is equivalent to magic dust. Actually it was located above an old gas fired Con Ed power station. The line feeding the gas to the station was ruptured right next to the main structural member. did a good debunking of this conspiracy stuff. Contrary to what you say as questions have gained prominence, they have been systematically refuted. Try the fallacy some internet nerds used that the fires couldn’t have contributed to the collapses because jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel. Skeptics pointed out that they burned plenty hot enough to rob the steel of most of its strength. Try the free fall collapse crap – skeptics showed it didn’t free fall collapse by timing the videotape. Try the whole controlled demolition nonesense – as I mentioned the collapse was nothing like a demolition – it collapsed top down. Hundreds of government officials plotting to commit mass murder against their own country? And still you can produce no evidence – you should have some before you make the claim – or excuse me – use the disingenuous line about having questions. There are “questions” about anything be it the moon landing or D-Day its just that reasonable people don’t imply either one never happened.

    In the absence of any evidence and with Bin Laden claiming credit – you’re left with

  23. Also BetterThan you claim that refutations by skeptics have been so lame and unbelieve but you cite no examples. Generally speaking the refutations I have been found have demolished the conspiracist claims.

    But really you know deep down you believe none of what you’re saying – if this supposed conspiracy carrying out 9/11 ran the government and you believed it, you would know certain things; 1) they can find people like you without a problem 2) they can liquidate you with no repercussions. You’re able to say this nonesense only because you know its bullshit.

  24. Yes Daniel, as the Gulf of Tonkin incident was also a conspiracy theory. Oh, no wait, thats right, we used it as a False Flag incident to help launch the Vietnam war.
    You have one problem Daniel, one threshold you cannot cross so you will continue to accuse people like me of being conspiracy theorists. That our govt would never do anything contrary to the best interests of its people. The govt in nazi Germany did all the same propaganda BS our govt has been feeding us to have reached the point we are now, gross civil liberty violations, politicization of every branch of government, including and worst of all, the Justice Dept. Yeah, I’m a real nut for not trusting what the govt. tells me the truth really is, is unchallengingly true. And i have no doubt my E-mails are read, as they have already admitted they look at all of our E-mails.

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