Mary Tillman

The True Pat Tillman Story


Mary Tillman, mother of late U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman, discusses her new book, Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman, the problems with the investigation and the cover-up surrounding her son’s death, the culture of deceit and cover-up in the Pentagon, the role of Secretary of the Army Pete Geren, the problems with getting the truth behind her son’s death, Pat’s views of the Iraq War, the president’s political pandering in connection with Pat Tillman’s death, the destruction of Pat’s military diary and uniform.

MP3 here. (18:11)

Mary Tillman is a special education teacher in San Jose, California and mother of late U.S. Army Ranger, Pat Tillman. She recently wrote her first book as a tribute to Pat, Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman. She writes of her son’s brief but remarkable life and the military’s betrayal of Pat and his family. She paints an portrait of the guiding principles that defined her son and that ultimately led him, in death, into the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

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  1. Alright here’s the facts: Pat Tillman ( posterboy of the GWOT ) grew up since joining the US Army..He criticized the invasion of Iraq…he said it was ” so bleeping illegal.” He was going to be a major problem for Bush and the neo-con scum..Then he was shot three times in the forehead fm 10 yrds away…” Friendly fire” An accident? I don’t think so, there was nothing accidental about it..

  2. If ever I have a son he won’t be naive enough to believe the BS that comes out of the mouths of our politicians..Everything the MSM has sd about 9-11 is a lie..But even according to the official accts non of the hijackers were Afghans…The Afghan govt promised to try to apprehend OBL if our govt showed them proof that he was responsible..( Isn’t that the respect any govt would show a guest who helped defeat the Soviets?) The subsequent videotape is widely acknowledged to be pretty well doctored…
    Representatives of the Taliban were in Houston on Aug 15th negotiating w/the Unocal Corp for rights to build a gas pipeline fm the oil and gas fields east of the Caspian sea, through Afghanistan and out to the Arabian Sea..After the Taliban turned down the offer:
    1. Bush signed a Presidential Directive, prior to 9/11, to attack Afghanistan..
    2. The new President of afghanistan is a former employee of Unocal-which is closely tied to Haliburton..
    3. The first piece of new business for the leaders of the Northern Alliance was an agreement for Unocal and Halliburton to build a pipeline.

  3. the united states can not defeat a few thousand insurgents in iraq and now they want to go to war with 90 million iraninans have you americans lost your minds

  4. We’re like stupid sheep munching on opium plants while tended by a mad shepherd delusional about an imaginary wolf.

  5. Great interview. The rumor I’ve heard is the neocons had Tillman assasinated because they couldn’t tolerate a celebrity special forces vet as an anti-war spokesman. They can tolerate a Medea Benjamin but not a Pat Tillman.

  6. Herman King! You said perfectly. The american public are a deluded bunch
    of simple idiots…with the exception of antiwar readers!

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