Ray McGovern

What’s to Stop Them?


Former CIA analyst and antiwar activist Ray McGovern discusses his open letter to Adm. Fallon and the probability of a U.S. attack on Iran, the history of Robert Gates and his weak influence on Bush, the corporate media’s corrupt relationship with the state, the Pentagon’s bogus Iranian arms expose and the near total indifference of the press, Adm. Fallon’s firing for speaking out against attacking Iran, the Air Force’s role, the insanity of John McCain, the unconstitutionality and illegality of our aggressive wars, Congress’s impotence in deterring the White House from attacking Iran, Bush’s life-long lack of accountability, how The Project For The New American Century blueprint for world domination and neocon “Israel first” foreign policy has made the U.S. and Israel less secure, the role of Elliot Abrams and Dick Cheney in fomenting the next war, possible disastrous consequences, the Israeli government’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty to hide their war crimes in 1967 and the U.S. government’s role in the cover-up.

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Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years – from the John F. Kennedy administration to that of George H. W. Bush and is a co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity.

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  1. Dear Ray,

    I wrote a small thank you to Scott Ritter and i would like to extend the same thanks to you. Please continue to get the word out. All the best

    Reza Says:

    May 16th, 2008 at 1:14 am
    Thanks so much for your bravery in confronting the lies about Iran. I know your bravery is not without a high personal cost since the Israeli lobby has been relentlessly slandering all those who have opposed their murderous and criminal agenda in the US or tried to expose the truth to the American public. YOU sir, are truly a hero of the American people….

    As an Iranian who does not support the theocracy, i can tell you that we Iranians are sick and tired of America’s aggression and their sabotage and manipulation of our domestic affairs. We are disgusted by the vilification of the Iranian people in the US media (yes, we have youtube and satellite). We have suffered from American terrorism for 55 years. I won’t bother making a list of individual acts here, it would simply be too long. But enough is enough! Leave us alone!

    Your government may condemn and resent the mullahs, but if the mullahs have done nothing else for Iranians (and believe me they haven’t done much), they have at least brought us independence and for this we are grateful. No Iranian wants a conflict with the US or with Israel, including our leaders, but we refuse to be American and Israeli slaves. We reserve the right to independent foreign policy. That is what it means to be a sovereign state. I realize the American people may not understand this concept given that Israel runs their country. However, if the prospect of a strong and independent Iran frightens Israel, too bad. The only suggestion i can give to them is to make peace with the Palestinians, give back their property and stop trying to “wipe them off the map”. Its a win win situation.

    But if Iran is attacked, by either the US or Israel, i promise all Americans and Israelis that we will not sit back casually and calmly while our family members are murdered. If you understand nothing else about the Iranian people or our culture, please understand that we would not still be around after 3000 years if we could not defend ourselves. The formula is simple: if you attack us, we will attack you. The American people, i think, should understand this after experiencing 911.

    To the people of Israel i say this. Nobody in Iran, including Ahmadinejad, wants to “wipe” anybody “off the map” as has been popularly misquoted in the press. If today were 1938, Iran were Germany and Ahmadinejad were Hitler, then why are Jews not being persecuted in Iran?? Hmmm??? I can tell you that there are no concentration camps in Tehran and the 50k Jews who live here live in peace. I am glad they are here otherwise i would not find my favorite kosher food or the Jewish sweets that i usually enjoy. We welcome the Jews here as we welcomed them from Poland, Hungary and Switzerland in the 1930’s and 40’s and from other nations for 3 thousand years. Please stop these lies and vilifications of Iran. It does more to hurt the Image of Jews abroad and increases hostility towards Israel when friends of the Jewish people are so aggressively called anti-semites and nazis.

    Thank you
    Reza N

  2. Certainly an intelligent analysis…

    As far as it goes.

    The one thing left out: the role of theology in establishing the foundation of this conflict.

    Michael Cecil


  4. Pelosi is crazy and stupid when she talks about Iran´s nuclear weapons program. There is not any evidence that Iran ever has had a nuclear weapons program. Doesn´t she know that or is she willfully lying ? The CIA said-WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE-that they had a program UNTIL 2003. The IAEA has found any evidence of a program. What are Pelosi and Bush talking about ? It doesn´t exist-like the weapons from Iran in Iraq. Zero evidence.

  5. At one point, Scott asks (I’m paraphrasing) “Is there anyone but, say, the war plane manufacturers and Israel that wants us to bomb Iran? I mean, it seems like the oil companies don’t want it, the Saudis don’t want it, and neither does anybody else…”

    Come on. I suppose Scott threw in the war plane makers to be polite, so as not to leave Israel too rudely alone and naked as the sole suspect. But please. We all know that makers of fancy warplanes don’t need a war — much less a war that is suicidal for the US economy — to get Congress to give money to the military to buy more fancy toys. Congress has a proven record of providing funds for these things, regardless of need. So don’t blame Northrup Grummond et al. It really is Israel and ONLY Israel that wants this.

  6. “It really is Israel and ONLY Israel that wants this.”

    That’s not entirely true. I’m sure John Hagee and friends wouldn’t mind.

  7. Answering Chris, May 21st, 2008 at 3:50 pm:

    Yes Chris, but the Christian dispensationalists want it for Israel, so it still comes down to Israel and the “supporters of Israel”. They don’t want this for oil, or for the military-industrial complex, or to please the Saudis, or to prevent oil from being traded in Euros, or any of the various reasons that Michael Moore popularized in his movie.

    All of the reasons for this are various shades of “for Israel”, period. And if Israel itself didn’t want it, it could shut up these war cheerleaders overnight, because the warbots do not disobey the government of Israel when the government of Israel firmly opposes something.

  8. People need to think about Fallon’s comment about the Iranians being ants, who can be crushed when the time comes. When is it ever time to crush ants? What does crushing ants ever accomplish? What was he really saying?

  9. Also, I’d like to know why supposed progressives like Juan Cole, Tom Englehardy, Jim Lobe, Helen Cobban, etc. seem to be hellbent on downplaying the danger that the US is planning to attack Iran, along with supposed Dems like Evan Bayh and Baron Hill.

  10. I disagree with Mcgovern on a couple of points. First, if the US attacks camps or any facilities in Iran, I think Iran will immediately counterattack and will have to. They will have no way of knowing how major an attack they are facing and, crucially, they cannot allow the US to destroy their weaponry before they have a chance to use it, as reputed US plans intend to do.

    Thus I think they will not wait but will immediately go after the US Navy in the Gulf, with Sunfire(?) missles and with explosive laden speedboats and other non-conventional weapons. I think they will wreak havoc on our Navy, which as Fallon surely knew, is precisely in the worst possible situation for it to deploy in in case of war against an enemy with serious antiship missles.

    In other words, we can expect potentially massive casualties, it seems to me. And remember, if our Navy in the Gulf is severely damaged, it will much easier for Iran to cut off our soldiers in Iraq.

    Americans are not just being lied to about the supposed reasons for war with Iran. They are also being lied to about the potential costs. EVEN IN THE VERY FIRST DAY OF WAR WE COULD HAVE OUR WORST SINGLE DAY OF BATTLE SINCE PEARL HARBOR.

    Supreme Commander Huber, amongst others, seem hellbent on pretending that Iran would be another cakewalk,or maybe just a little less of a cakewalk. I say BULLSHIT. Iran is not Iraq. Iran will be operating as a proxy for Russia and China, if we attack them. They will have modern weapons, not the old crap Saddam had in the first Gulf War, or the nearly non-existent weaponry he had in the second.

    I can’t stress enough how important it is to let the American People know that if we attack Iran, we’ll most likely take heavy casualties. Imagine the shock and pain in America if just one Carrier goes down. Huber doesn’t think Iran can do that. I say BULLSHIT. They can do that and more.

    People, ask yourselves how hard you would fight to defend America. That’s how hard the people of Iran would fight. It’s not like Iraq, where Saddam was hated by his people.

  11. Regarding Fallon: I believe he has said all he needs to say. People need to stop misunderstanding his comment about the ants. Our military is the supreme ant crusher the planet has ever seen. But what the hell is that good for? WHAT IS AN ANT CRUSHER GOOD FOR!!!!!!

    Stop pestering Fallon, people, and look at what he said. Think about it.

    I agree with McGovern that we need some whistleblowers to come forward from this administration, but Fallon has said enough. He has said it all. We just aren’t listening.

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