Scott Horton

Liars, Imbeciles Drive Iran Policy


Scott Horton, host of Antiwar Radio at and KAOS 92.7FM in Austin, Texas, discusses the Jerusalem Post story regarding the Bush administration’s plans to attack Iran, Bush’s speech to the Knesset, the probability of an attack and John McCain’s smug ignorance about the Iranian political leadership and war in Iraq.

MP3 here. (9:39)

Scott Horton is the host of Antiwar Radio for and KAOS 92.7FM in Austin, Texas. He is also assistant editor for

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  1. Hi!

    Want to comment and correct the words of McCain and media’s interpretation of Ahmadinejad’s statement that “Israel must be wiped of the map” or “driven out in the ocean”.

    His words, in Persian:

    “een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar
    mahv shavad.”,

    in English:

    “The Imam [Ayatollah Khomeini] said that this regime [Israel]
    occupying Jerusalem must be erased from the page of time.”

    It could therefore be interpreted as it is the regime, i.e. political situation or rule
    that should be erased, not the state of Israel.
    [Collins, Allan (2007) Contemporary Security Studies, Oxford University press, p.138]

    The statement has in my view been misinterpreted in able to fit the narrative of some people,

    /Marcus Sundquist
    Student at the Dep. of Political Science,
    Stockholm, Sweden

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