Cliff Schecter

The Real McCain


Cliff Schecter, political commentator and consultant, discusses his new book, The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Him and Why Independents Shouldn’t, the counter rally against a John McCain fundraiser in Phoenix, his medical records, the status of his health, his fundraising tactics and the lobbyist connections, who Cliff Schecter is going to vote for in the presidential election, Bush’s signing statements, possible vice presidential candidates, McCain’s incompetence on economic issues, the shutdown of the PNAC website, the alleged attack by John McCain on a member of Congress, McCain’s preacher controversy, the resignations of lobbyists in the McCain campaign for having represented foreign dictators and takes questions from callers.

MP3 here. (38:28)

Cliff Schecter is a political commentator and political consultant. He is the author of his new book, The Real McCain. Schecter is a Senior Fellow at Working America, the community-based affiliate of the AFL-CIO, and is presently working on his dissertation to complete a Ph.D in American History from American University.

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  2. I haven’t heard much lately about McCains gook comment from the primaries when he ran against Bush. Is my memory going…? Do I not remember an article saying that McCain said he hates gooks, and will till the day he dies. I recall he voted against some civil rights issues as well. I wonder how this will, or if, go when he’s toe to toe with Obama.

  3. Tai Hunter, Claus-Erik Hamle,

    Not to worry. John “bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran” will be the next president of the United States of Amnesia. He, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are all running on Bush’s platform, which is destroy the American Economy via corporate plunder and blow up the world via mad militarist doctrines. And when the real McCoy runs against the “me too” candidate, the real McCoy usually wins. So don’t panic because the next Hundred Years War (Iraq) will begin Jan 20, 2009.

  4. Umm Mr. Reed Richards…
    Those are pretty expansive statements, almost ramblings. If you are right, and McCain is in the office in 09, I will take my family overseas. I will hang my hat and leave my country in despair, to wait for my fellow citizens to get off TV crack and wakeup. I am desperately afraid of a McCain Presidency.

  5. Me too…it would be very tempting….9-11 was an inside job-the Reichstag fire of the 21st century…The evidence is out………David Ray Griffin’s books are very good.
    A year before he “won” the election Bush was telling people that he was going to have a successful presidency bc he was ” going to be a war president.” McCain has the same mentality..He’s the candidate of Guiliani and Lieberman for crying out loud..

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