Gareth Porter

Cheney/Petreaus Plot for Fake Casus Belli


Gareth Porter discusses his newest article: “How Cheney Outfoxed His Foes On Iran And EFP’s,” about how Cheney used General Patraeus to circumvent the intelligence agency’s disagreement with the War Party about supposed Iranian provided EFP’s to Shi’ite militias in Iraq.

MP3 here. (33:03)

YouTube here.

Dr. Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist on U.S. national security policy who has been independent since a brief period of university teaching in the 1980s. Dr. Porter is the author of four books, the latest of which is Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam (University of California Press, 2005). He has written regularly for Inter Press Service on U.S. policy toward Iraq and Iran since 2005.

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  1. Totally OT…but I am glad I contribute to

    The articles and interviews are worth their weight in gold.

    This site is about maintaining freedom in the face of all the madness that threatens to engulf us.

    ‘Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free’.

    I wonder if that ‘Christian’, GWB, could name the originator of those words…

  2. Porter is best known as a former supporter for Pol Pot. In the 70s he wrote a pro-Khmer Rouge book, served as translator for KR Foreign Minister Ieng Sary, and denounced Cambodian refugees before Congress as "reactionaries." Democratic congressman Steve Solarz compared Porter to Holocaust deniers.

    And we're supposed to believe this guy!!!???

  3. You might write down your ad hominem ad infinitum mr Menzel, but a fallacy remains a fallacy regardless. Non sequitur.

    And although this idea might seem alien to you, “we” are not supposed to believe a guy. “We” are supposed to weigh information against information and draw “our” own conclusions and adjust them when “we” find the information flawed. Serious disagreement could follow and sometimes even progress in understanding.

  4. Steve Solarz compared Porter to Holocaust deniers? That’s almost a recommendation, coming from the Israel-firsters. By now, knowledgeable people have developed an intellectual reflex: if Israel-centric hysterics are calling some guy ridiculous, holocaust-invoking names, it’s a good bet that the guy is saying something worth paying attention to.

  5. but, Eric, this was back in 1977 – see Gareth’s wikipedia entry (don’t bother with Solarz’ entry, there is nothing on it, the man is obviously a god to US imperialism).

  6. You guys are full of crap, Porter is unreliable.

    We hate the mullah regime who is killing democratic Iranians every day in the name of allah and their crappy religion dictatorship.

    Is Porter going to sav eus from this abominable regime? I didnt think so.

    Go die far left lunatic!

  7. How much you wanna bet ” Iran Citizen ” is a big, fat pudgy faced guy who rubs elbows w/John Podhoretz? And if he’s not anybody who roots for a foreign regime to launch a devastating attack on his mother country isn’t a very good citizen..And probably could never be a good citizen of any country..Reminds me of the naturalists and materialists who can only love a country as long as it can offer them material prosperity..( or serves the interests of some other country they really love..)

  8. It’s gonna happen you “lunatic far left turds turned Islamist-out-of-desperation”! You are traitors to your own USA just beacuse some policeman inserted his club in your ass while you were protesting against trade or something, or while smoking your shit at Woodstock a 100 years ago –

    The worst thing than a far left lunatic is an OLD far left lunatic turned Islamist!!

    The far left is so fascist that it does not allow or want to see criticism at all- You would censor me if you could right now- that’s how fascist you have become, the 60s Hippie Derelicts – You will Die a slow death by some Islamist terrorist that you promote and support when he takes power and slowly cuts your heads with a dull knife….Just imagine that future for yourselves next time you want to oppose your own country

  9. all you far left lunatics turned Islamist-out-of-desperation are invited to come here and live under the fucking mullah dictatorship theocracy — You will love it, I am sure- So until you have the balls to come and live in hell, STFU and go back to smoking your pot and hoping that a false peace will last enough until you die

  10. I don’t think anybody here , and I certainly don’t, would want to hold back mr Iranian Citizen to do something about his deplorable situation, instead of nagging about Woodstock.

    I would say got out, take a dull knife with you and liberate yourself. I’ll be here cheering you on. In short you’ll do your job and I’ll do mine instead of the other way around, how’s about that?

  11. Die you fucking pot head Toth – You are not making any sense with your confused and convoluted crapping in your mouth and passing it on as though it was something meaningful and sublime – shit on you and your kind –
    Dull knife is coming for your throat by a Islamist terrorist whose ass you lick daily- just wait until they get over here and do youa nd your tribe in- You will see the last rays of sun before your tears and blood blind you forever- Then you will really see Allah on yoru own

  12. You call yourself American going against your own country and taking sides with Islamist terrorism and Islamic Fascism ?? Treason it is called

    Do you think the Islamists you love to love and advocate will give you the time of day before they destroy you by a nuclear weapon?

    Wise up, you are cheering for your own executioners numbnut !! Your hatred is so much blinding you that you are rooting for your country’s sworn and nuclearly aremd enemies! You are not Americans you are misguided Islamist pawsn disguised as Americans

  13. Yeah, yeah, die and such. I’m a fucking pothead, shit on me, sure. A dull knife is coming for my throat yeah, I’m taking sides with terrorism and fascism ofcourse and all that. Oh and hatred too, yeah, almost forgot.

    Did you spend too much time reading Malkin perchance?

    But why didn’t you already take your dull knife and peddle your bike to Teheran to enforce regime-change? Then I’ll read about it tomorrow in the papers and think about how I’ve written world history by encouraging you to take your own responsibility instead of behaving like a spoiled little clueless brat.

  14. “Iran Citizen” looks to me like someone from Bill O’Reilly’s “Operation Chaos” – they enjoyed pretending to be disappointed Hillary fans so much, they’re branching out!

    By the way, it’s odd – I can post on here to my heart’s content, but I can’t seem to post more or less the same kind of thing, e.g. defending Gareth Porter, on the main blog, or at least on Jim Lobe’s part of it – or on his own “LobeLog”.

  15. Garthern Portor shame on you for believing POL POT.

    Rowan Berkely still waiting for you to show that Mossad bombed Iran to make Jews run away/

    You are also a Pol Pot apologist.

    You luv violence by enemies of the US you fake peace activist.

  16. Oh now moderation.

    I guess views that go against the official line aren’t welcome on this blog.

    If a right wing site did it you would certainly mention it.

  17. “Iran citizen” sounds an awful lot like Al Goldstein, doesn’t he? What’s on next — the Robyn Byrd Show?

  18. Fuck yourselves far left derelicts, not our fualt that your ass still hurting from the paling you took with a policeman’s club at Woodstock or trade protests – Fucking stinky anachist granola crunshers types- What are you taking ashower every 2-months now instead of every 3 months as you did before?

    All you can do is bitch and complain and take sides with the enemies and Islamist fucking fascists that will rape your wives and daughters and have you watch before they cut off your heads and put it in your laps and take photos with you holding it smiling while your wives and daughters give them blowjobs

    Fuck you to hell

  19. I just love libertarian websites. Libertarians are not always deleting posts to protect us from ourselves. Libertarians understand that the answer to “bad speech” is either (1) more speech, or (2) (as in this case) just letting the bad speech speak for itself. Thanks for this wonderful, necessary site, Justin!

  20. Gareth Porter trusted Pol Pot.

    A little off topic:

    but it might tell us a little about what the Iranian regime is about.

    The Japanese translator of the Satanic Versus was assassinated. Anyone have an idea who did it?

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