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The Great Derangement


Matt Taibbi, writer for Rolling Stone, discusses his new book, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire, the American press’s priorities on news coverage, Congress’s inner workings on writing legislation, his investigation of Pastor John Hagee, John McCain seeking an endorsement from Hagee, Hagee’s vision of the end of the world, the Reverend Wright controversy and its coverage in the press, Taibbi’s coverage for Rolling Stone of Iraq from Baghdad, his embedded assignment with troops from Camp Liberty and a car bombing, the similar approach to managing Congress between the Republicans and the Democrats, the American people’s disfranchisement and cynicism towards government and politics, the rise of conspiratorial movements in America, the possibility of Barack Obama being any different than other American politicians, and Obama’s potential disappointment among the American people should he become president.

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Matt Taibbi is an American journalist and political writer. He currently works at Rolling Stone where he authors a column called “Road Rage” for the print version, and an additional weekly online-only column called “The Low Post”. He is best known for his coverage of the 2004 US presidential election, and for his former editorial positions at newspapers the eXile, the New York Press, and the Beast. Recently, Taibbi has been a regular contributor to Real Time with Bill Maher. His new book is, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire.

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  1. To Michael:

    Idiots like you are the ones propping up this criminal administration. Only a person stupider than a swimming pool full of s*** could still believe this fable about 9/11. Here are a few "truther" facts for you, Mr. Mental Battleship:

    There were no hijackers. There is ZERO video evidence of any of the 266 alleged people boarding any of the alleged flights. None of their corpses has ever been recovered, nor any of their luggage.

    In fact, there has never been one piece of plane debris recovered from any of the sites that has ever been proven to have come from either a 757 or a 767, much less from any of the four specific flights. And neither one of those airlines has ever filed loss claims with their insurance carriers over the loss of any of those four flights.

    Documented information from government web sites proved that the two AA flights weren't even scheduled to fly on that date, and the two UA tail numbers were registered as "valid" by the FAA until September 28, 2005.

    It's only been seven years now. I wouldn't want you to actually wake up and see what's been right in front of your face the entire time. 9/11 was an elaborate hoax. Yes, people died in the towers, but there were no commercial airliners involved, and the alleged passengers/victims were not on any of the planes. Period.

    If you have any evidence — and I mean EVIDENCE, not government hearsay — to PROVE that the government's story is true, let's see it. I don't have to prove it's a lie, YOU have to prove that it's true. Until you can prove your case, you and the tens of millions of dolts like yourself should just shut up and f*** off.

  2. 130+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials
    480+ Engineers and Architects
    110+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals
    260+ Professors Question 9/11
    210+ 9/11 Survivors and Family Members
    140+ Artists, Entertainers, and Media Professionals

    The former German Defense Minister, the former President of Italy, members of the Japanese Parliament, former CIA section chiefs, celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Rosie O’Donnel, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, former Governor Jesse Ventura…

    Yup, looks like a crowd of quote leftists to me!

    Hopefully at some point Matts testicles will drop and he will become man enough to confront the evidence. I doubt it though, once an embedded reporter, always an embedded reporter, apparently.


  3. To Thomas:

    I’m so sick of you 9-11 truthers spaming this great web site with your “theories”. Why don’t you put your energy into focusing on the crimes the US government has perpetrated in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  4. Yeah, and I’m not writing this either! I’m not really here. I’m actually over there, or, oh wait, over there. And I have proof.
    Katrina, you poor sap, Katrina. These guys are too stupid to organize a conspiracy to go across the street and order a roast beef sandwich. Getting several airlines to do anything efficiently would require more than enough genius to solve all of our other problems too, like solving the gas shortage over a long weekend. Please get a life. If you’re this gullible, you’re probably still young enough. Go attend a star trek convention or something. Maybe take some engineering classes at the community college.
    That’s assuming that you’re not putting us all on. That reference to Charlie Sheehan as the voice of sober judgment had me in stitches.

  5. I had a go-round w/Horton about this..I’m still convinced of at least this: The dumbest thing you can say is that there are NO unanswered questions about 9-11 and that you’re 100% sure the govts version is 100% true…

  6. You have to understand the frustration: 9-11 was just too damn convenient..The jingo-ists also seem to find something..”Remember the Maine!!”…the armament carrying Lusitania after the govt was warned…staking our fleet out at Pearl after putting Lt. Commander McConnel’s 8-point plan to get the Japanese to make the first strike into effect ( written 13 mos. before..pop-up cruises in Japanese waters, sanctions and embargos, etc…Cracking the code and not telling Adm Kimmel and Gen Short of the impending attack…) The Gulf of Tonkin non-event…Assuring our ally Saddam that we have no position on whether or not he re-take Iraq’s lost province-and then acting like it’s the end of the world…( 30,000 Iraqi troops were on the border when Ambass. Glasbie sat down with Saddam )…
    The war party always finds a way…I’m still mad the damn Yankees didn’t do the gentlemanly thing and pack up and leave Ft. Sumter after it became the property of the Confederate States….” The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that preceded it..” – Gen. Robert E. Lee, letter to Lord Acton, 15 Dec. 1866.

  7. Convenient for the Israel First neo-con-men and their war-profiteering allies..A tragedy for us..You don’t think Richard Perle and Doug Feith were dancing at least as much as those Israeli Mossad operatives on the rooftop in Jersey City?

  8. Whenever anything happens you have to ask ” who benefits? “…And it always turns that what is portrayed the very day of a big story is never the whole picture..and often the whole picture is radically different than what was portrayed.

  9. Bill wrote: “The dumbest thing you can say is that there are NO unanswered questions about 9-11 and that you’re 100% sure the govts version is 100% true…”

    Bill my friend, not one person in the entire time between then and now has ever said that. Let’s get real here.

    I agree with nearly all of the rest of what you say here. But you have to realize that if who benefits is the question, the answer is many people from Osama to the AEI crowd to the Loose Change clowns and even – frankly – myself. That’s only question 1. The answer to it is not necessarily a direct correlation to the perpetrators, you see?

    Do you notice all the red-herrings that the truthers cling to? Someone in the comments on one of these recently accused of ignoring the Israeli art students, movers etc due to our evil complicity in this even though you and I know that AWC has in fact done the most to cover that story.

  10. Tiabbi claims that he thought that O-bomb-a would restore people’s faith in government. I noticed that he didn’t think of the only candidate who actually would restore people’s faith. What Tiabbi hates is that this lack of faith in government is going to harm socialism.

  11. Re: Scot

    It’s true that there is a lot of 9-11 kookery. That’s what happens in the abscence of a criminal investigation and fair, public trials. When evidence is hidden from the public and ignored by investigative agencies and the accused are tried in secret, what can one expect except that everyone will formulate their own theory as to what happened?

    All the ‘9-11 Truth Movement’ is ultimately asking for is an independent, criminal investigation, like there would be of any murder, followed by fair, public trials of any accused, so that the American people can be confident of what happened.

    Hopefully we can all get behind that.

  12. Personally, the fact that our government resorts to torture before their suspects confess doesn’t instill great faith in me that they’ve caught the right people.

  13. We’re having a fund raiser… Don’t question anything we say… We are the only ones who are fighting the evil empire… Just send the $$$

  14. Dear Mr. Goyette,
    You are one of the best interviewers of all time. I do enjoy Scott
    Horton also, be after all he is a young person. I know this is not related to the interview, but I was flabbergasted whern just 5 minutes ago, I saw Bush interview in Germany, and he said I do not regret invading Iraq. Amazing, but than again it takes a man to admid that you are wrong. Also watched ReBelle nation where
    and I dop not know how old it is, where John McSame said that
    he spoke to Wladimit Putin, president of Germany, ha ha. Also saw on Fox news some clown, I think Brit something or rather referring to the European City of Lublianka, the idiot, he meant Lubliana, the Capital City of Slovenia. Sorry I had to get this of my chest.

  15. Scott – I have been listening to you and Charles Goyette regularly for two years now and thoroughly enjoy the show. However, I would never have become aware of some of the issues discussed on if it hadn’t been for “9-11 kookery” and the “clowns” at Loose Change. So much for 9-11 truth diverting energy from the anti-war movement.

    Neither you nor I are structural engineers or experts in the field of explosives, so there is little point in arguing about what may or may not have happened in the towers. However, you do these people a disservice when you belittle their arguments as those of people who think “Dick Cheney put bombs in the towers.” You clearly like your fish slightly crimson too.

  16. If you are in a conspiracy mood, what’s the easiest way to get that 9/11 thing rolling while not drawing attention to anything and having a 100% smooth operational, no-need-to-patch record of events? Well, needle some guys to do on your behalf. No need for complicated error-prone Hollywoodian Die-Hard methods like planting explosive charges, inventing robot planes, gassing passengers and stuff. Can be done on a shoestring budget right there, just drop by sometimes in Afghanistan to check on progress.

    What’s that? Wouldn’t make a big enough splash you say? Well then, choose an easier target than those two stupid NY towers, right?

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