Jahangir Golestan-Parast

Iranians are People


Jahangir Golestan-Parast discusses his new movie Bam 6.6 about the massive earthquake in Iran 2003, and the unfortunate reality that it takes a catastrophe to bring humans together as they should always be, and the need for people to experience other cultures to fully appreciate each other.

MP3 here. (18:55)

YouTube here.

Jahangir Golestan-Parast. producer/director of “Bam 6.6”, was born in Isfahan, Iran. An international financier and a student of film making at UCLA, Jahangir’s first documentary “Isfahan, A City Known as Half the World” was based on the city of his birth and released in 1997. Expanding that effort into a series known as “The Essence of Iran Series,“ Iran, A Video Journey” was released in 2000 and captures the life of a typical modern-day Iranian. Both films have achieved critical acclaim and accolades.

As Jahangir was preparing to produce a third video in the Essence of Iran series, the Bam earthquake struck. As he experienced the worldwide outpouring of assistance, Jahangir realized that there was a story to be told. A story, not of devastation, but of hope. A story that could help ease ethnic tensions based on misunderstandings and unfounded beliefs. A story that would transcend geo-political differences.

30 thoughts on “Jahangir Golestan-Parast”

  1. Dear Mr. Horton,
    I send a message before and complained that I could not get more
    that 2 minutes, however I just listened to your interview on Bam 6.6. I really like to see that, do you think it comes to the cinema
    in Australia, after all I saw Road to Guantanimo and Taxi to the
    dark side here. I have been to Iran, and been to Teheran and
    Isphahan, and that is a 1001 nights delight. I remember how friendly the people were and so very hospitable. Once again thank you for your time., you are doing a great job.

  2. Bush’s means involve irradiating a large percentage of your countrymen, except that you’re not really an Iranian.

  3. Jahangir is on the payroll of the Islamic Republic of Crap of Iran-
    This is now a tourist information site?
    Get serious, Iranian regime lapdog!

  4. Yes, Iran citizen, the Iranian regime is odious.

    But so are many of our ‘friends’. And removing them ‘by any means necessary’? Mmm…we’ve seen how that works out. BTW, would you be prepared to pick up a gun and march on Tehran? I mean, in person? For real? Not just in your dreams? Yes? No?

    Interesting to note that, the noisy fanatical element notwithstanding, Iranians on the whole seem well-disposed to the West. Iran even gave crucial aid to the US in Afghanistan. Then the Bush maniacs dumped a bucket of shit on them and handed the place back to the extremists.

    ‘Bush bluster backfires badly’.

    A headline applicable to just about any situation since 2001.

  5. BTW, I remember vividly the front page of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (a soft-fascist rag) the day after the Bam earthquake.

    A huge banner headline: ‘Food poisoning strikes passengers on Aussie cruise ship’.

    At the bottom of the page, in small letters: ‘Thousands dead in Iranian earthquake’.

    Certainly made me feel ill.

  6. Red – No I wont march to Tehran with gun in hand, since I do not know how to fight with guns, but know how to fight politically.

    Every one should do what they are good at, I am not a warrior, but I can at least propogate the downfall ideologically and by word of mouth, or thru written word in articles, and blogs- Organizing opposition and fermenting revolution-
    To each their own.

    Yes, Bush has been a huge disappointment to the Left as well as the Right believe it or not. He is timid and weak when it comes to Iran since his ear belongs to the Iran Appeaser-in-Chief and Bush’s platonic girlfriend , Condi Rice.
    Condi would still go for an Iranian boyfriend even today (she had one from Ghazveen, Iran while she was in Scandinavia studying poli Sci.)

    My kingdom over a Horse? In this case: My kingdom Over a Ho!

  7. “Appeaser” “propogate” on “blogs” “Ho”…sounds like a geeky American neo-con to me…any true patriot wants HIS OWN people to wipe away the blemishes of his country, not some foreign country that is more naturalistic/materialistic and seemingly occultic than Christian..As an American and a veteran I can honestly say that when we export our culture to some other country we’re not doing them any favors….

  8. “Fermenting” ( don’t you mean “fomenting” ) revolution…getting others to do your fighting for you……Yeah, that’s definitely a “neo-con”…Maybe the type of neo-con that wishes he could have gotten on that boat with Trotsky..

  9. Red said Iranian regime is odious. “Odious”?? A foot odor, foul smelling rotten meat, polluting the air and the water are odious.

    For the Islamic Republic of Terror and Crap of Iran, try murderous, evil, medieval, despotic, dark, evil, IslamoFascist, apocalyptic; the Theocracy of death, blood, ignorance, and lunacy…

    Saying “Iranians are people” is liek saying Germans under Nazism, North Koreans under Chinese-supported lunatics, Tibetians under ruthless Red Chinese occupation are people.

    Just don’t try to score any points for the filthy regime in Iran by diverting the issue to the people, Mr, Jahangir who got paid off by teh regime to be its mouth piece. How much money, how many gold coins, Persian carpets, Iranian youth used as whores who get exported to the Arab gul nations did the regime operatives give you for this interview, Jahangir? What a sorry excuse of an Iranian you are.

  10. Blemishes? You think the mullh dictatorship is just a blemish?? See, that’s what you far left loonies dont get. You have no link with the reality. Just because you still hurt from the paling you took by a policeman’s club at Woodstock, does not mean you have to take sides with the enemies of humanity, democracy and yes your country.

    You say you are a veteran, that’s honorable. And you take sides with the islamic fascist who at the first chance they get, they want to cut your head off?
    So get over it and go see what Hell it is in Iran before you opine, pls.

  11. “Iran Citizen”,

    Well, yes, Tibetans are still people, since I was not aware that their status had changed. Likewise Koreans. Even if it is hell in Iran I fail to see how killing those who suffer in it will solve anything. It certainly hasn’t worked in Iraq or Afghanistan. I doubt that very many Iranians are anxious to have us liberate them in this manner. In reality, of course, our government has no desire to liberate anybody. It is sickening to see the likes of you preaching war and violence while being unwilling to fight. Here’s a clue: the military will TRAIN you to use a gun. They don’t require previous experience in that line. Or go buy a gun and learn to use it. Stop attempting to entangle this country more deeply in foreign political conflicts. Stop using the lives of other people to achieve your aims. Perhaps even learn something from thos Tibetans whose human status you illogically question.

  12. Nice sentiments, Iran citizen/Israeliophile. Keep workin’ overtime to suppress reality–when you come across an attempt to humanize Muslims and/or Arabs, bring out the daggers. Also, keep on making sure that not too much of the truth comes out about Israel’s perfidy (eg., USS Liberty and Jonathan Pollard), brutality (checkpoint bullies of pregnant women and sick people) and cowardice (Lebanon, 2006).

  13. If you think living in Iran is Hell then continue to be the expatriate that you claim to be..and no, not everyone who supports spending $600Billion plus to maintain hundreds of military bases in countries around the world is a “far-left loonie” dumbass….I don’t believe your implied assertion that everyone in Iran would prefer to have the kind of society that we have here..and I certainly can’t believe that the majority of the people in Iran are aching for the day that they will be bombed, invaded and occupied by us….And to believe that doesn’t mean that you’re siding with a foreign regime, you ignoramus..It just means that you want your own country to begin minding it’s own damn business..So, by your definition Washington in his Farewell Address was advocating an anti-American foreign policy…You have no clue..

  14. A nuclear-free Middle East must begin with Israel..and no, America’s military forces are not mercenaries for Israel and my USMC is not the Israeli Foreign Legion..though the neo-cons think it is…I’ll entertain some of your piddle talk about Iran when Israel: 1. At least apologizes for all the land it stole and the refugees they created. 2. Leave the Golan Heights and Sheba Farms..3. Apologizes to every living member of the USS Liberty..4. Acknowledge that we have the right to execute Jonathon Pollard if we so choose..5. apologize for the Lavon Affair in the summer of ’54..6. Give up it’s nuclear missiles or shut-up about the intentions of others..and 7. Stop spieing on it’s chief benefactor and bullying our politicians..8. Leave the West Bank And Gaza, dismantle the illegal settlements..9. forget about having a sole claim to Jerusalem, over the last 2,000 yrs the Christian Crusaders held Jerusalem longer than they have…10. Re-plant the Olive and Lemon groves they’ve torn-up and re-build the homes they’ve torn down..11. Apologize profusely to the parents of Rachel Corrie..12. Apologize for their cruel, cowardly bombing of the entire infrastructure of Lebanon…apologize for their invasion in ’82 and their occupation and again-leave Sheba Farms..

  15. Iran doesn’t start wars with countries that haven’t attacked it, which is more than I can say for my criminal government. Iranians have never picked my pocket with illegal taxes, devalued my currency, tapped my phones, destroyed my rights, killed my friends, or limited my freedoms. My so-called government has done all those things. I know who I have beef with, and they’re not in Tehran.

  16. what a magnificent touching film. The most powerful film ever been filmed in the history of Iran. We all need to learn a lesson from this Bam 6.6

  17. As I read through the various posts here, I find myself sorrowful and also bemused. If human beings were not so attached to the feeling of WANTING TO BE RIGHT; if we were not so quick to judge others, our lives would be so much more joyous.

    Regimes come, and regimes go; finding our own inner peace, and a spiritually centered life has little to do with who is in power at any given point in time.

    Take a few deep breaths, and count to ten, before you post hateful or hurtful things for all the world to read. After all, you’re only spreading hate. Is that what you really want?

    Love, joy, and deep appreciation,


  18. I was shocked when I saw this movie, very up lifting, very humanistic film. I wonder why we do not talk about this rare film Bam 6.6 it is an excellent eye opening. I certainly learned so much about Iranian people. My congratulations to people of Iran and salute to the director for opening my eyes.
    I wish CNN would show a clip of this film and promote the positive side of this culture that hardly any body knows anything about them.

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  21. After I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is a way you are able to remove me from that service? Cheers.

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