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Israeli Espionage In America


Philip Giraldi discusses his recent article “The Spy Who Loves Us: Israeli Espionage In America” about the extensive Israeli spy network inside America and their surveillance of the 9/11 hijackers, the corroboration of their spying by U.S. intelligence agencies, the case of spy Jonathan Pollard and how Israel passes it’s stolen intel on to many enemies of America, the still secret identity of Israeli very top level asset “Mega,” the spy for Israel, Ben-Ami Kadish, and his treasonous crimes, the Israeli and Iranian influence in the run-up to the Iraq invasion, the White House/Iranian “negotiation” charade, and the planning for and consequences of an attack against Iran – including the possible use of nuclear weapons.

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Philip Giraldi is a former DIA and CIA officer, partner at Cannistraro Associates, Francis Walsingham Fellow for the American Conservative Defense Alliance, contributing editor at the American Conservative magazine and columnist at

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  1. Christopher Bollyn has uncovered that Ehud Olmert was in New York City on the eve of 9/11, just as Netenyahu (and Giuliani) were in London on 7/7. It’s a small world, but not that small.

  2. Well Guiliani’s security firm has raked in $100 million in contracts and he started it by the end of ’01..He quickly cashed in on his dramatic ” America’s 9-11 Mayor” crap..I believe he was the only Republican candidate married three times..his old friend Monsignor Placa helped him get the annullment ( sic? ) on his first marriage…this is the same Monsignor Placa who had the odious job in the diocese of Rockville Centre of visiting abuse victims..reportedly Placa would appear to sympathize but most of the time was spent trying to nail down dates so as to prove the incidents were beyond the statute of limitations…This is the same Monsignor Placa who attended Guiliani’s third marriage…
    Guiliani was the most jingo-istic and ignorant of all the “GOP” candidates..( There’s nothing “grand” about that party)..Always pushing the line that an arrogant and imperialistic and cruel foreign policy has nothing to do with the way the world sees us…Inhumane brutal sanctions and weekly bombings of Iraq for almost 13 yrs before the invasion? no problem…Sanctions so crippling that children die and water treatment plants can’t be fixed? Who cares? Lieing us into a war for Israel and greed?
    ” When I saw those Towers coming down I thanked God that George W. Bush was our president”…That quote qualifies you for an asylum-not the White House..

  3. My hearty compliments to Philip Giraldi. His article “The Spy Who Loves Us: Israeli Espionage in America” should be required reading for every American.

  4. The questions about 9/11 remain , especialy Israels inolvement,and that the neocons held key positions in the Pentagon, and high levels of government. It is scary to go back and look at clips of the rhetoric of Bush, Cheney, Rice, Guiliani, other neocons and Netanyahu. They were all saying the exact same talking points on the eve of 9/11.”They hate us, they hate our freedoms., they hate womens freedoms.” It was as if they were all reading from the same prepared script. Just as neocons see Israel and US interesrts as one and the same, so did they try to convince Americans that our enemies are one and the same. And so set the stage for the neocon wars. I pray every day we will not attack Iran. Many Americans have now become aware of what has happened, and choose diplomacy over war.

  5. Have you noticed that regardless of which political party is in the majority, the will of the people is not only ignored, but actually disdained, and the country continues to be led down the same path as it did when the previous political party was in the majority? No time has this phenomenon been more clearly illustrated than with the 2006 election cycle.

    Last November, the Republican Party was swept out of its position of power because the majority of the American people disapproved of the war in Iraq. Now, almost a year after the Democratic party has taken the reigns of the congress, the war in Iraq continues unabated.

    Why is it that our elected representatives casually ignore the wishes of their constituents? Believe it or not, there is an explaination.

    At the 1992 Democratic National Convention, then governor Bill Clinton gave praise to one of his mentors, Carroll Quigley, a professor of history at Georgetown University and advocate for world government. In his 1966 book, entitled “Tragedy and Hope”, Professor Quigley reveals a sinister motive behind this phenomenon.
    Quigley wrote:

    “The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy…. But either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will have none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

    Reflecting on this past primary season, the verasity of professor Quigley’s statement has become evident. The so-called frontrunners of both parties were indistinguishable when it comes to foreign policy, especially regarding the Middle East. All offered only lip-service to immigration and border security. The war in Iraq is not only going to continue, they’re now making noises about spreading the war to Iran. All were beholden to the interests of globalism rather than the interests of America.

    However, there was one candidate that had broken away from the mold and had offered Americans a true alternative. Texas Congressman Ron Paul distinguished himself from the rest of the candidates in that he views the Constitution as the government’s ultimate authority and gives his allegiance to America, not to foreign interests.

    It is obvious that a America First platform is unacceptable to the powers-that-be.

    Because Ron Paul’s message was striking a resonate chord with Americans of all political stripes, a concerted effort to downplay, discredit, and even smear the congressman was undertaken by the hierarchy of both political parties and the establishment media, beginning with the first debate between the Republican candidates.

    In the now infamous exchange with the media’s then annointed frontrunner, Rudy Guiliani, Congressman Ron Paul suggested that the interventionist foreign policy that has been undertaken by the government for the better part of the past century, may have contributed to the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

    To which Giuliani responded:

    “That’s an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the attack of September 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before, and I’ve heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th,”

    Yeah, you can bet that he’s heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th, starting and ending with the official explaination ­­­- that we were attacked by those who hate our freedoms and our democracy.

    But wait, the absurdity doesn’t stop there.

    Now that it has become evident that the impending mushroom cloud that would have resulted from Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of weapons of mass destruction was nothing more than a ruse on the American people to gull them into supporting a globalist designed war on Iraq, the war has now morphed into a humanitarian mission designed to establish freedom and democracy within a country populated by those who supposedly hate freedom and democracy.

    Now, that’s absurd.

    – Odysseus –

  6. In 1949, a British author, Eric Blair, under the pseudonym, “George Orwell”, penned a futuristic novel, simply titled “1984”, depicting a society under the yolk of a totalitarian super-state endearingly referred to as “Big Brother”. One of the bureaucratic agencies within “Big Brother” was the “Ministry of Truth”, what we refer to as the “news media”.

    Subsequent to the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, the collective divisions that comprise our establishment news media have revealed a worrisome tendency to emulate Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”.

    The attack on the World Trade Center was an extensively planned and coordinated effort, involving the almost simultaneous hijacking of four passenger airliners by up to nineteen individuals of Arab descent who had been residing in America under temporary visas. Despite several of the terrorists being on an FBI “watch list”, they were allowed unfettered travel within America’s borders. Some of the named suspects had entered America under student visas, but did not attend any classes. Others were allowed to enroll in various degrees of domestic flight training involving the use of sophisticated flight simulators but were reported to have not been interested in any instruction in either take-offs or landings.

    Despite billions of dollars spent on domestic surveillance, international espionage and sophisticated eavesdropping satellites, the agencies charged with America’s national security were caught completely off-guard. But yet, those comprising our “intelligence community” had solved the mystery of who and why within a mere twenty-four hours after the attack without the benefit of any forensic evidence.

    This almost miraculous example of crime solving came as the result of a tip from a “concerned citizen” who, upon learning of the hijackings and subsequent attack on the WTC, reported having an “altercation” with a carload of “Arab-looking” men in an airport parking-garage.

    The “concerned citizen” was able to lead FBI investigators to the parking-garage and point out the vehicle involved in the “altercation”. A forced entry into the vehicle led investigators, not only to the identities of the car’s previous occupants, but also to the discovery of “terrorist literature” implicating Osama Bin-Laden and the Al-Qaeda organization.

    Now, here’s the rub. One would think that at least one of the divisions of the establishment media, either ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or, at least, Fox News would have wanted to interview and present to their viewing audience this mysterious and almost heroic “concerned citizen”, who did the right thing. But for reasons unknown, none did.

    As in Orwell’s fictional novel, sometimes initially reported events, that are found to be inconvenient to the establishment party line, are relegated to the “memory hole”, never to see the light of day again.

    During the live reporting of the WTC attack, the establishment media reported that a group of men of Arabic descent had been detained by authorities for videotaping and celebrating the attack with what were described as “cries of joy and mockery”. Even Dan Rather, the dean of the establishment media, made note of the “America-hating Arabs” while a guest on “Late Night with David Letterman”. However, the establishment media had to resort to utilizing the “memory hole” when it came to light that it was not Arabs, but rather five Israelis, who were in this country illegally, that were caught videotaping and celebrating the attack on the Twin Towers.

    Evidently, the reporting of certain events must be suppressed to prevent the asking of some uncomfortable questions, such as, “How did five Israelis, who were in this country illegally, know what they were cheering for?” But, you can bet your last shekel that had it been a group of men caught celebrating the attack on America that the establishment media could link to, what they refer to as, a “right-wing extremist group”, it would still yet be a feature of the “nightly news”.

    It is painfully obvious that America’s establishment media regard their viewing audience in much the same manner that Big Brother’s “Ministry of Truth” expected the proletariat to unquestionably accept what they were allowed to know. And if any “proles” should question the official party line, they could be guilty of a “thought crime”.

    Even to this day, those who dare to question the official party line, that the September 11 attack was based solely on the hatred that fundamentalist Muslims supposedly have for the abstract concept of America’s “freedom and democracy”, are being denounced as either conspiracy theorists or enemy sympathizers for having politically incorrect thoughts.

    Sadly, the majority of today’s populace mimic the “proles” of “1984” in their willingness to unquestionably embrace the establishment media as a “Ministry of Truth”, even in the light of well-documented instances in which the establishment media has deliberately suppressed information, blatantly manipulated evidence and produced documentaries based on fabricated events in an effort to manipulate public opinion.

    Yes, it seems that many of the trappings of Orwell’s nightmarish vision of the totalitarian super-state are with us, just a little later than he predicted.

  7. Ry from Anti-Neocons has been all over this from the start. Israel definitely knew about 911. They had the Patriot pre-written, a go package for the media about dancing Palestinians, and the DHS just waiting for the event. FUrthermore the ANTHRAX which was attributed to Al Qaeda actually came from within the US. Now who lied abou the Anthrax and tried to tie it to Iraq? Libby and the Neocons from PNAC. An Israeli Philip Zack stole the anthrax. Israel was spying on the US not just previous to 911 but after. We KNOW who the lying cabal was that fed us the BS about Iraq to create that war and we know who is lying about Iran. Aside from Cheney all the major players are dual citizen Zionist with Israel many of whom like Perle and Feith who have been caught spying in the past. Then AIPAC gets caught spying AGAIN and they were collecting information to further lie about Iran.

    911 was an inside job and the Israelis and Cheney’s office have been working together. Read Ry’s Iraq 911 PNAC where all the roads lead.

  8. I want to thank you guys for even brigning this up. Its pretty simple really. Israel and ZIonist Americans (Christians and Jews) are pushing for war with Iran. Israel is nothing but a cash cow for the military industrial complex and a unique one at that because unlike other cashc ow this one can cloak itself in religion and race and prevent leftists from criticizing them. The majority of the money sent to Israel from the US does not come from the government it comes from Churches. Look at the planned divestment campaigns they have upwards of 11 BILLION dollars to pull out of Israel per-sect. Now where is that money? its in Israel but where? Its actually invested in multi-national and American defense companies who do work in Israel or get contracts because of the arms race and constant security state that Israel creats. 60% of Israel’s economy is the security sector. They are totally dependent on having a war state and would collapse without it.

    Thus the real fuel behind the occupation and its lust for perpetual low level conflict is the MICC the second C stands for Churches. Churches are not the same things as religion. Religion is supernatural child like fairytales for adults to explain their world and lives. Churches are businesses that dont pay taxes and never run out of resources because the product they sell is nothing but lies from their own lungs.

    Its one of the oldest stories in history. Prop up a government with religion make them fight and profit from the deaths. That is what Organized Religion is.

    The Israeli cabal which we call Neocons is 68% Jewish despite there being just 1.9% of Jews in the general population. And its 100% Zionists. The reason is because these guys get to use the loop hole of being dual cizitens to make extra profits as well as avoid the law. The top on the iceberg is Perle, Libby, Feith, Ledeen, Kagan, and Cheney all of them Jewish Dual citizens aside from Cheney who is still part of the Jewish Institute for policy with these same people. These guys cooked up the pre-invasion lies and they used just a handful of mole in the press to spread the word.

    You can trace back each lie to the root
    Anthrax (libby with miller)
    also mobile labs making it came from these two
    WMD (Wolfowitz, Perle, and Cheney)
    Uranium from Africa (Ledeen, and Feith)
    The post war plan for Bremer (Feith and the OSP)
    Chemical Weapons (Kagan with Safire)

    Then look the 911 commission has members like James Thompson who is on the BOD of hollinger with Kissinger and Perle. And it was Kissinger who was first picked to run the cover up.

    Feith and his partnet Marc Zell an Israeli settler run Feith and Zell and Perle awarded them with contract after the War. He also gave money to Boeing who he had Hollinger and Trireme (a private equit firm he and Kissinger set up wich is bigger than carlyle) invest in just before they got the contract. Richard A. resinged the following day and went to work for Lockheed who also got contracts.

    Its a ring of profiteering but when you really look at the MIC and who is running the shop its these same Zionist. Now its a chicken egg thing. They are Zionists because thats the ideology that is most profitable to have for the MIC because thats the kind of fascist philosophy that will insure constant war and conflict.

    They didn’t mess up in Iraq they got exactly what they wanted, another Israel. Another security state of constant low level conflict which they can milk dry for money. Its not about oil its about religion and money. The largest method being security privitization of the army a stated ISAPS goal and killing people in the planned greater Israel.

    Iran is next and these same people are pushing for that war. Its about ISRAEL not oil not mistakes, not Bush and his dad its abuot ISRAEL.

    911 was also about Israel they knew about it, they were spying on the US and I dare say the assisted it and I think I can prove it and thats in my upcoming film.

  9. “So is Mega Marc Grossman or Richard Clarke?”

    MEGA is not a person it’s a group. Israel has so many moles in the DOD its not funny. It would be easier to count who was not a spy. MEGA is a network of manipulation. They work on blackmail and they are inside everything from the Office of the Vice President to the DOD.

    Mega has layers, on the top are the handlers a group of Jewish Billionaires, under that are the ravens and honey traps, agents used for sexual blackmail and spying. And only after that is the normal Mossad who they report to . Think of it as the MOssad using NGOs the way the CIA does to distance themselves.

    I wrote about it here

    and here

    those are not open links

  10. Come on people, the criminals within our government who planned 9-11 farmed out the grunt work to Mossad agents, not neccessarily current ones either, and the grunts were caught taking souvenir pics. Duh.

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