Sibel Edmonds and Luke Ryland

Letting Sibel Edmonds Speak


Sibel Edmonds and Luke Ryland discuss the London Times series on her case and the international nuclear black-market network surrounding A.Q. Kahn, the U.S. government’s total clamp-down by gag orders even against Congress, the American foreign policy hypocrisy of demonizing certain nuclear ambitions and supporting others, the military-industrial-congressional complex revolving door, the bipartisan lack of enthusiasm in pursuing whistleblower cases, the movie about Sibel’s case “Kill The Messenger,” and how it only takes one congressman to call her to testify to blow the case wide open.

Department of Justice Inspector General Report here.

MP3 here. (47:41)

YouTube here.

Sibel Edmonds is the most gagged person in United States History and Luke Ryland is a blogger who has closely followed her case.

20 thoughts on “Sibel Edmonds and Luke Ryland”

  1. So where’s Ron Paul? Where’s Dennis Kucinich?

    Missing in action.

    Nobody’s going to put their lives on the line for Sibel. Sad, but true.

    She’s going to have to blow the whistle and get arrested and go to Guantanamo – or court, if she’s lucky. That’s the only way this story is going to come out.

    It’s that simple.

  2. Schmitz family is messed up its not just the IG its their whole family. Key word the name on Anti-neocons. Fred Feilding is also a lawyer for Blackwater and is counter suing the families of guys killed on a bridge in Fallujah and Feilding was also on the 911 commission. more there

    Remember Mary Kay Letourneau you know the woman who got pregnant after raping her 13 year old student? She is the sister of Joseph E. Schmitz who is a conservative lawyer, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense and executive with Blackwater USA. Their bother brother is John P. Schmitz who was George Bush’s White House counsel before being replaced by Fred Feilding (now Bush’s personal lawyer) who was on the 911 commission and is also a lawyer for Blackwater. Feilding is helping blackewater cover up why 4 of their men were burned and hung on a bridge in Fallujah. The families want to why it happened but Blackwater is not talking. John P. Schmitz was also involved with Iran Contra back when he was an aid for Bush the first, and he refused to testify to the Walsh Commission. What a messed up family.

    So we have a rapist, a inspector general who is the executive of a secretive mercenary group and a the former White House counsel who was replaced by a Blackwater lawyer who just so happened to also be on the 911 commission and is George Bush’s personal lawyer as well. The Schmitz’s father John G. Schmitz was a Senator and congressman from California. He was famous for his right-wing views and occasional racist and homophobic remarks. His public career was ended when it was revealed that he had an affair and fathered two illegitimate children. He got in trouble after his 13 month old son (of his mistress) was found with hair wrapped around his penis. I think that explains why his other legitimate children are so messed up. Just to get in this guys head, he bought the house of his hero Joseph McCarthy (Who I call a modern version of witch trial like fear mentality for the insanely religious).

    Jeb Bush married a Mexican woman named Columba. Columba’s sister is married to John P. Schmitz, Jeb Bush and John P. Schmitz are brother in laws. John and Joseph were both law clerks. Joseph was a clerk for the Neocon James Buckley the brother of the famous neocon William F. Buckley founder of the Neocon magazine the National Review. The loop goes on and on see my report in the link above its really unbelievable and I really wish we had a functional media to expose this. Dyncorp caught with sex slaves, Bush’s brothers caught with hookers, his spiritual advisor caught with a male hooker and drug user, Libby writing about underage animal rape, Abramoff paying for sex trips,… Jeb and Berezovsky which ties ito Rich and the CLintons Hillary and her lesibian friends bla bla bla To skip ahead

    Grossman is a spy for Israel. BJA was investigating the ATC aka the offshoot of AIPAC. One of the spies for a nuclear facility was Cipel of New Jersey who was sleeping with the governor. He was working for “MEGA” his handler was Kushner who later went to jail for another reason and whose son owns the New York Observer.

    Kush set up another honey trap this time for his own sister’s husband and thats what got him time. He got replaced by S.M. who was involved with the Russian Oligarchs long story. I did a long radio show about it and went over MEGA too.

    Anytime the roads goes over to Israel congress and the media shuts up about it, name one counter example thank you I rest my case.

    Sibel give up on the Democrats. BOTH parties could careless. Go to the Japanese media. Give up on the US and the UK. Give it to Fujita Yukihisa of the JDP. It will be on TV here tomorrow.

    Scott publish the IG report and get it to me!

    ONP and the OSP with the OVP is a nest of Israeli moles. To answer your question the IPAC trial has been moved 8 times and then suspended indefinitely.
    April 20th 2006
    May 23rd 2006
    August 7th 2006
    October 7th 2006
    June 4th 2007
    September 19th 2007
    January 16th, 2008
    April 29th 2008
    March 20 2008

    If you want to know. Kill the messenger was also featured on And was played in Japan in Nara twice (done by myself).

  3. Thanks Scott for the interview, and the IG report. What a waste of time. It seems more than 95% of the report is wiped out. We don’t even now what the allegations were, and the only part I saw was the conclusion on her allegations. How can we know if there conclusions had any sense, if we don’t know the specifics?

    This government is a freakin joke!!

  4. This government is more than a freakin joke, it is a freaking sin, owed by Israel, the same entity that owns both of our major parties.

  5. Thanks Scott for another fine interview.
    The film Kill The Messenger is a nice follow up.
    In spite of subtle finger pointing since last year, the gag is working to the advantage of many, if not all the rats who have long since left the admins house.

    This harsh passage of time will do it’s usual work and dilute her story into sand.
    I hope her accolade will not quench her desire to keep talking, or would she fall to any vanity in the process.

  6. Scott: thanks for doing the job that the puppy-dog press won’t do. Oh, but I’m forgetting. If only Saint Russert were still alive, he’d be all over this like guacamole on corn chips (NOT!). Good work; you’re the best, Scott.

  7. I think Sibel should contact Keith Olberman of MSNBC about appearing on his show.
    I think he might be sympathetic to her situation.

  8. Well…Guess it’s time I said something. First, hello to all of you great Americans! I’ve been lurking here for months now, and I’ve been astounded with all of this information — not shocked, though. I want to thank all of you, I’ve followed links to places ( , for example) that leave me shaking my head! Sibel Edmonds, however, sits on my pantheon of heroes!! I want to tell her that I’m humbled by her patriotism and courage — not to mention my being smitten!! Anyway, I post the links when I’m on other blogs and I’ve called Waxman, though who knows what good that will do. I’m a little saddened by the seeming lack of traffic here, this site should be read by ALL caring citizens for Christ sakes!!!! Just know people like me are out here, hoping justice will prevail. (Not optimistic!) BTW, I spent the last couple of days reading, through a link here, “The Unauthorized Biography of G.H.W. Bush.” Wow!! This is evil stuff.
    Sibel, I worry about your safety. But maybe, like DeKamp said, going public is the best option. My heart is with you!!!

  9. Grossman and his Turkish friends and his…. other friends” lol and “his …other friends were placed in the US and were spying on nuclear facilities…”

    Other friends is code for Israelis and the FBI did have an investigation going back into the 90s and did arrested over 200 agents in the largest spy ring ever in the US on 9/11.

    Israel was selling nuclear secrets again. Thus why these people are untouchable. Sibel called the ATC a miniature AIPAC. Well that’s true the American Zionist n the government are the overlap who enjoy membership in both groups. gee its not that hard to put 2 and 2 together.

    Sibel come to the Japanese media. Come talk to NHK. Yukihisa Fujita will hear you out. It is interesting that the FIRST war appropriation bill of the 87 billion had within it the cost for the war the cost of reconstruction AND a multi-billion dollar “AID” package to Turkey and Israel. Robert Byrd had a fit about it.

    Judge already ruled that the AIPAC case will not be behind closed doors. The Neocons are going to have to get them to drop it completely.

    AIPAC case is not about the freedom of the press. Weiessman and Rosen were not journalist they were spies for a lobby and they were not doing research they illegally getting top secret documents form a man who has already been sentenced to 12 years in jail.

    The reason the media doesn’t report this is because they are owned by MIC conglomerates.

    BJ Lawson will be in congress in Jan and he will put Sibel under oath. Already discussed it. However i dont think anyone can do it i think you have to be on the right committee

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