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You Become What You Hate


Eric Margolis discusses the widening of the hopeless U.S. occupation of Afghanistan into Pakistan, America’s siding with the formerly pro-Soviet Tajik and Uzbek forces against the Pashtuns, the hatred of U.S. actions by most of the people of Pakistan, the relative lack of danger that Pakistan’s nukes could get loose or be used, how Americans don’t recognize they are living in an empire, U.S. plans to invade Afghanistan before 9/11, why the U.S. let Bin Laden escape and the AQ Kahn nuclear black market network.

MP3 here. (26:27)

Award winning author, columnist, and broadcaster Eric S. Margolis has covered 14 wars and is a leading authority on military affairs, the Middle East, South Asia, and Islamic movements. He is the author of War at the Top of the World. See his website.

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  1. How supremely ironic that “Antiwar radio” should give a platform to Margolis — a cheerleader for the NATO War Against Yugoslavia of 1999. The UCK (“KLA”) drug-and-prostitution gangsters, who use Serbia’s Kosovo province as their fief, were installed in power by the cluster bombs of the Anglo-American empire.
    The murders of innocent Serb and Gypsy civilians continues unabated since the victory of the “humanitarian intervention” which resulted in the seizure of the wealthy Trepca mining complex by a U.S./British cartel and the delivery to the U.S. of the territory upon which it built the biggest structure in that poor province — a U.S. military base.
    God save us from the ethnic cleansing and church burning of the KLA and its evil propagandists. Shame on “” for promoting the war-monger Margolis.

  2. I checked Eric Margolis archives on the web and what Kaptain says is true:
    he claims “NATO troops should go to Kosova, but as liberators, not occupiers” (Note he Kosova, not Kosovo, which is what the UCK/KLA call it.)

    What in the world is this guy doing on Antiwar radio ??

  3. More Margolis archives:
    “All Balkan peoples, even Serbs, owe the United States thanks.”.. for … “preventing a general Balkan war, and fostering democracy in the region. This was America at its best.”


  4. I’m glad I find out that this guy (Margolis) is an interventionist. I grant that antiwar radio needs to focus on issues rather than people, though.

  5. I must say as a serbian canadian I am always puzzled by Margolis. He was the most fanatical war monger against Serbia which says something but wasn’t so against Iraq even though he was talking against Saddam as if he knew anything, in fact he is the only public person I know to be pro war against Serbia and sort of anti against Iraq .

    His background is equally confusing , being sort of jewish and part albanian but he is opently anti israel which is very rare and champions groups like pashtun afghanis which is presumably because he hates russian people . He is no anti war that’s for sure but he maybe suffering from his own dogma and he at least realises it

  6. Margolis was write about the need to stop the Serbian genocidal killers in Bosnia and Kosova. The interventions were too little too late. In the Middle East the US is not motivated by real humanitarian concerns but serving the interests of the Likudniks in AIPAC and their erstwhile Armageddon evangelical allies

  7. British Prime Minister Tony Blair couldn’t have successfully lied Britain into war against Iraq if he hadn’t already profitably lied Britain into war against Serbia. The US would have found it difficult to go to war against Iraq without the support of Britain. Those who supported the Kosovo intervention have Iraqi blood on their hands as well.

  8. “Instead of trying to overthrow Taliban, which will surely pave the way for a second Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the US and its allies should recognize Taliban as the legitimate Afghan government, and work with Kabul to curtail the opium trade, which is currently beyond anyone’s control in a nation that is starving and desperate.

    The west may not like the fierce Taliban, but it is the legitimate government of Afghanistan and the only power holding that nation together. Taliban is also only force blocking Russia’s plans to restore its former rule in Central Asia, and to reoccupy strategic Afghanistan.
    Posted by Eric Margolis on December 3, 2000 08:45 PM”

  9. Amazingly there are still people who believe there was genocide in Kosovo just like there were WMD in Iraq. Are we ever going to learn? We have the politicians we deserve.

  10. “Saddam was a far greater killer than Milosovic” – exactly. The usual demonization propaganda ploy is in fact misplaced. Why should a ploy that is “correct” in the Kosovo case be suddenly “incorrect” in the far worse Iraq case?

    The truth is that the Kosovo intervention was the pilot prototype for the Afghan and Iraq invasions, though this latter differs only in that it failed to fully drag in NATO in its wake. But the thrust remains the same: a new mode of interventionism in a desperate attempt to fill the post-Soviet power vacuum. The point is that it is all well beyond the means of the US and NATO to fill this vacuum. Not to mention the inevitable blowback.

    As for the Taliban, I think one can declare the US attack on that regime an incredible piece of stupidity without doing Margolis’ take on it. If the point was to apprehend Al Queda, who knew best as to their whereabouts than the Taliban? Instead the US blew their best lead to smithereens. It is like while you are trying to get at the drug dealer kingpin through the street pusher, you blow away the street pusher. Lead gone!

    But then that has been the whole problem with that should have been a criminal law enforcement issue: blown out of all proportion into a grandiose “GWOT” by various cliques and interests pursuing their own agendas.

  11. Here is the key to the attack-the-Serbs / don’t-attack-Iraq paradox: To the elitist mind the Serbs are crypto-nazi WWII holdovers who, without openly saying so, want to defend their supposed racial/ethinic purity, and the resulting culture, from the Albanian ottoman mixed bloods. Absolutely, the Western elites will not permit that mindset any political expression even if every last Serb has to be killed to prevent it. Western journalists, if they want to keep their jobs, cannot discuss the issue publicly. Racial politics is a very serious business friends, as the air raids on Hamburg, Dresden, Japan, and Serbia prove.

    One can tell when th elites are really serious about restoring order, their order: They start killing the women and the children, as many and as quickly as they can. They never ever apologize for it either. If I have learned anything observing and studying the history of the last 150 years it is that.

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