Gareth Porter

Thwarting Cheney


Gareth Porter discusses his recent article “Fearing Escalation, Pentagon Fought Cheney Iran Plan,” about how the military leadership foiled Cheney’s plan of bombing Iran last summer by shifting the debate to the escalation factor, the rabid madness of Dick Cheney, how the Air Force’s over-confidence is encouraging his desire to bomb Iran, the media black-out of the questions surrounding probable Israeli origins of the “smoking laptop,” and what you can do to help avoid another war.

MP3 here. (36:30)

Dr. Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist on U.S. national security policy who has been independent since a brief period of university teaching in the 1980s. Dr. Porter is the author of four books, the latest of which is Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam (University of California Press, 2005). He has written regularly for Inter Press Service on U.S. policy toward Iraq and Iran since 2005.

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  1. Fascinating and informative as usual. However, regarding that dysfunctional, sick individual in the White House, shouldn’t we consider the possibility that the point all along has been nothing more complicated than the *economic* destruction of Iran and Iraq? Just as the so-called Israeli ‘security fence’ has nothing to do with security, and everything to do with the economic destruction of the Palestinians, so too the invasion of Iraq was about preventing the economic recovery of that country given the impending removal of the trade sanctions placed on it.

    One thing the plutocracy that really determines U.S. foreign policy seems desperately trying to prevent is a healthy trade relationship between Iraq and Iran and Europe and Asia that excludes U.S. financial influence. It bears repeating that Iraq switched in 2000 from selling its oil for dollars to selling its oil for euros. And Iran has just recently switched to selling its oil for euros and yen. Given the unimaginable wealth transfer from poor to rich that is central banking, I’m more convinced than ever that this is Iran’s real ‘crime.’

    From this point of view, things are going swimmingly in Iraq, and the only real goal in Iran short of regime change is to place and keep Iran in an economic straitjacket. Maybe Cheney is criminally insane, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t put into power specifically to serve someone else’s ends.

  2. Thee are two points one would like to touch upon;1-more talk is floating around the ME re: the possibility of Israel being degenerating especially after the June,2006 war with Lebanob.2-The role of Syria, Hexbollah and Hamas should a war erupts in the region beteen Iran and the US/Israel.Its becoming apparent that Israel is no longer the same mighty force it used to be, Arab regiems as well as paramilitary organizations, especially those dedicated to fighting Israel have grown bolden in challenging Israeli right to exist as an Apartheid state.This fact howevere, is being depicted in some Israeli circles, where one notices a gradual rise in the number of those calling for a peaceful settlement with the Arabs.The general mode in the Arab societies is that Israel is an entity born, grew and flaurished in wars it created and continues to do so, thus, peace is a strange component in its structure.And since peace is unattainable, then Arabs might as well goin whoevere is ready to fight Israel in order to get back their rightfull lands.The warmongering morons inthe White House must undestand that Israeli’s safety lies in pressuring Israel into giving back the lands it stole from the Palestinians and the Arab countries.

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