Juan Cole

The Real State of Iraq


Juan Cole, professor of history at the University of Michigan, discusses the American media’s abandonment of the Iraq war as a topic worth covering, the humanitarian catastrophe that continues to deteriorate, the “excess deaths” in Iraq since the invasion, the total number of Iraqis killed with American complicity over the years, America’s government’s on-off relationship with Saddam Hussein, the failure of the “surge” to allow for 5 million refugees to return to their homes.

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Juan R. I. Cole is Professor of Modern Middle East and South Asian History at the University of Michigan. He has written extensively about modern Islamic movements in Egypt, the Persian Gulf, and South Asia. His most recent book is Sacred Space and Holy War. His blog, Informed Comment, is a widely read source for Middle East news and commentary.

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  1. Saddam was CIA, thats admitted on the history channel and by X-CIA officials. He fled to Egypt after a failed coup and we brought him back in 1979 for a successful one. It just so happened to be only months (96 days) after the Shah was kicked out of Iran and Iran quit sending its oil to Israel (where Israel, according to Jimmy Carter’s book, had been getting 90% of their oil). The following year Saddam went to war with …Iran for 8 years and in the beginning of it Rumsfeld went over to supply him with chemical weapons opsing as “pesticides.” Saddam used that on Iran and in response his own people got hit with Mustard gas supplied to Iran by Israel.

    here its in my time line http://www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons/viewtopic.php?t=5196 cut and paste that link in if you want documentation. Also at the bottom of it in more. And here is a non-hyperlinked clip of just the middle east stuff in those years.

    1973 OPEC raises gas prices 130% causing an oil shortage in the US (as a direct response to Israel’s war and the US giving them aid)

    Israel gets 90% of its oil from it’s stolen territory and from Iran while Iran is under the CIA installed US puppet Shah

    1974-now US created co-economic dependency with Saudi Arabia vai Bin Laden construction, US firms and the IMF. (this was to break OPEC) (here is how it was done)

    1975 Vietnam war ends.

    1976 Israeli Shin Bet stages a false flag hijacking to blame on the PLO.
    Israeli agents ‘helped Entebbe hijackers’ (This story broke June 2007)

    1978 Anwar Sadat the president of Egypt and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin sign the camp David accords.

    1979 Israel withdraws from Sinia

    February 1979 Shah is forced to take a “vacation” to Egypt never to return to Iran.

    April 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini leads Iran into a Theocratic Republic.

    July 1979 Saddam installed as President of Iraq coming back from Egypt where he had been exiled (for attempting a coup). The CIA brings him back to Iraq.

    1979 the US lost power over Iran. Khomeini nationalizes Iran’s Oil.

    1979 Iran takes 63 US hostages

    December 25th 1979 Russia invades Afghanistan

    CIA financed Osama Bin Laden to fight the Soviets. 1979-1988 May 15th

    1980 Start of Iraq Iran War. (Just a year after the US lost control over Iran and installed Saddam in Iraq “to fight communists” the typical rationalization.)

    1981 American Hostages in Iran are released

    1981 Anwar Sadat President of Egypt is assassinated. The Fatwa order to kill him was pinned on Omar Abdel-Rahman later convicted for the WTC bombing in 93. (He was a double agent for Israel)

    1981 With Anwar out of the way, Israel steps up its Settlements in Palestine

    1982 Israel invaded Lebanon with US support. This was based on terrorist attacks from Lebanon (yeh well now I say maybe) Israel targets civilians and and is so brutal that they receive world wide criticism aside from the US of course. Hezbollah is established as a response to the invasion. Israel occupies Southern Lebanon.

    1982 Oded Yinon plan to divide up Iraq along the lines of religious factions.

    1983 Rumsfeld supplies Iraq with “pesticides”

  2. Thank God for people like Ryan Dawson.. Wow, talk about conspiracy theory……Was Omar Abdel-Rahman really i double agent???

  3. Saddam used [chemical weapons] on Iran and in response his own people got hit with Mustard gas supplied to Iran by Israel.

    Why would Israel supply Iran with anything after Iran cut off its oil?

  4. As I understand it the Iranians did not use mustard gas in the designated period. They used cyanide. The Iraqis used mustard gas and tabun nerve gas. The MEK accused the Iranians of having used nerve gas, but their allegations are until the present still unsubstantiated by evidence (as always shall we say.) An Iranian soldier I know who fought in that war says he vividly remembers most Iraqi shells he seen had German writing on it. The Iraqi army received assistance in specific technological knowledge and supplies from the US, West and East Germany, Netherlands, UK, France and a few others. These countries supplied and assisted in other ways both sides in the Iran-Iraq war, according to SIPRI yearbook 1987. Except the Dutch who concentrated on arms supply and dual goods deliveries only (also via then semi-legal – now denied – channels as per van Anraat etc.) Israel only supported the Iranian side in this period with arms and with other support (advisers, military training, spare parts for planes etc.) and ofcourse their part in initiating and operating Iran-Contra.

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