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Left, Right, Libertarians for 4th Amendment


Trevor Lyman of Break the discusses the strange bedfellows project forming alliances with Glenn Greenwald and other prominent voices to stop the retroactive immunity that Congress is trying to give to the telecom industry for their crimes against Americans and hopes that going forward they will be able to continue to combine their influence to save the Bill Of Rights.

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Trevor Lyman is a musician and internet music entrepreneur from Merrimack, New Hampshire, and Miami Beach, Florida. He became famous for organizing grassroots fundraising for 2008 United States Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

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  1. I wonder if that immunity includes Comverse and Amdocs.

    For the record Ron Paul actually raised 7 million dollars on the date that we set. They (the media) shifted it to 6 million even when it was 6.5 million by basing it on East Coast time and rounding it down. Blitzer was the first to do this I got it on video. However in the following hours after Mid Night Paul raised another 500 thousand dollars probably form the West Coast where it was still only 9pm They were doing it all on the date of the Boston Tea Party not the 24 hour East Coast clock. Everyone knows we were setting the date to that. So his money bomb on the day of the Boston Tea Party was 7 million dollars. And no matter what even given the 24hr definition he still raised 6.5 million and there is no reason at all to just drop half a million dollars to get a nice round number.

    My friends in Carolina were making the Blimp and Trevor helped finance it. Virginia also had a blimp in Charlottesville but it didn’t make much news for whatever reason.

    Trevor you should post on about the next money bomb. You’ll get a few thousand extra activist. BJ Lawson is winning in NC and he is a Ron Paul conservative who won his primary with 70% of the vote. Scott is right start supporting the state level and local level.

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