Anthony Gregory

Disappointed in the Democrats


Anthony Gregory, writer for the Independent Institute, the Future of Freedom Foundation, and, discusses the Republican crimes which increase the warfare/welfare/police state and how the Congressional Democrats go along, not out of fear that they’ll be called cowards, but because they simply want the power for themselves.

MP3 here. (34:19)

Anthony Gregory is a research analyst at the Independent Institute, a public policy research organization that analyzes government policy and suggests nonpartisan, peaceful, free-market solutions to today’s social and political ills. He is also a policy advisor to The Future of Freedom Foundation, a guest editor for Strike the Root, and a columnist for

3 thoughts on “Anthony Gregory”

  1. Anthony Gregory is right in his premise, and these powermongers are more than willing to murder dusky foreigners, without compunction, and repress all of us. without any guilt

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